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i enjoy reading, watching anime, and other stuff;3 and thats about all i feel like putting up.
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Yesh, I ship it as well!;3
Happy Almost BDay!!!!
Lolz, that wolf should just tell him where the bar is, I think he's serious <3!

Nothing shall get in the way of him finding his Slayne!!!
May 24th, 2014
So, I'm new to this comic thought I'd post how amazing I think it is!

If I wasn't such a poor college student I would definitely donate cause this is awesome!

But take your time and don't overwork yourself cause that's not healthy;3
lolz I'm 55%!
*Dies and goes to heaven*
I love you! This comic is the best!

I definitely lied last time, this one is my favorite<3!>;3
It always makes my day when I see that your comic has updated, however this has got to be the best update ever<3<3<3!!!!!x3
@LoveMeAlways :D: Not at all, I also ship them!;3
@WobbleBird: I was thinking the same thing!xD
Yay random colored page!xD
I agree with RegiHobo88, Val was a very adorable child!!x3

Nooo Jacob, don't die without confessing to your family! You can't have any regrets!D,x
You can definitely reach your goal, I'll be rooting for you!!!xD
Lol, rejected rejected and rejected!;D I don't think Lilith appreciated his advances!
@CainCain: I thought everyone did that!o.O I thought that was normal read the first three or four letters of a complicated name then make sounds up!:D
I can't wait until the next chapter, things look to be getting even more interesting!
I completely know how it feels to operate on 2-3 hours of sleep, and that my friend was not a fun time!:c I hope you can get some more sleep!
Aw, to bad Val can't do anything about Jacob yet...

Is that Glory I spy with my little eye?

Man I can't wait to see what the new chapter will bring!xD
I wonder how he's going to solve his dilemma!;3
oh dear I don' think Zadel will do what Abel asked now.:(

I absolutely love Val, he's my favorite even if he just ratted Jacob out!xD
OMG So many updates since I last read!!!
Yes Val it is really annoying, so why don't you go comfort him!;3

Zadel is so hilarious I absolutely love him and his abs!;D

And Val with facial expressions is funny also!xD
I hope you have a fun safe trip!
I really wonder how Jacob is doing... He was really depressed when Abel left!:(
You are a very Good Boy <3!
Lol now things are all awkward between them! I think Zadel should try and go for a real kiss anyways!!!!x3
Careful what you say Abel, Zadel is very possessive he already threatened Jacob once!

I wonder how Jacob is doing by the way, he was really distraught when Abel left...
September 2nd, 2012
Oh noz the dreaded flashback that never ends!!!!

... JK sometimes the flashbacks are the best parts!

I sill wish Hiro would be brave enough to steal a kiss!;3