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Ciprian is the name, and game developing is.., well, my game. I'm an 18-year old student from Romania who loves doing small game experiments and prototypes for The experimental gameplay project. You can read my blog or follow me on twitter .
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    Bacioiu Ciprian
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cout << "Merry X-Mas guys\n";
cout << "Seems Prism and Cube are a little 'hanged up' for a proper comic today :P";
return Ho-Ho-Ho;
Prism and Cube: Day 3
I've decided to improve the 'visibility' of the text. I hope it's better this way.
Prism and Cube: Day 2
As you see, a few things have changed, the most important being the "speech bubbles". Now it's easier to follow the text, allot easier then the previous number.
The very first issue of my very first comic. I know it's not so great, but it will improve in time.