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Prince Kilvas
To those of you who remember me, I was TwilightOblivion. I changed to return to SJ and maybe spriting. The spriting is debateable XDD Anyways, I'm putting my drawings and such up X3 They suck :\ But I don't care, cause I know I'll get better. Anyways, nice to see ya'll again, and I'll see ya all around :D

And I'm taken X3 By whom? That URL is her page <3 I loves my bunny to death, and nothing will ever split us apart <3
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XD OMG you made her even sexier XD Imagine the Rp's between her and Paul now XD
Aww, how cute <3
She looks hotter somehow X3
XD I'M not getting him off X3 It ain't my job to
Paul's behing Roby, and he's sitting on the.. HOW of showcase. He's the black hedgehog with the red jacket on
YOu should take Paul off that banner XD I'm not on here anymore, remember? X3
This is the last of the poems I had done already. Now I'll be able to start taking requests
And another XD And sorry again for the size of the text ^^;
Totally outta season, but I liked this XD
Because I'm always kind to ladies, I made this ages ago XD Got good reception from my friends, so I like it XD
Sorry about the size for this one, but it was the only way to get all the words to show ^^;
I put my heart into this one XD *slapped* Bad pun X3
This was, I think, the first poem I wrote during the school year, WAY back in September
And here's one on shadows XD I might not put descriptions for the rest XD It's getting harder to describe
For mi amor <33 Enjoy :D
XD I personally like this one
I think this is one of my better ones XD
I got bored and did this ages ago, like all the others XD Enjoy :D
Yes, I did one on rocks. My friend Mark wanted me to try it back in September, so I decided to.