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Cosmo The Fox
I like Sonic The Hedgehog,Pokemon,Kirby,Legos and dragons.Here are the video game systems I own:Xbox 360,Wii,Dsi,Gamecube and PSP.I love spriting.

I'm best friends with Takanuva6493.
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    Loki The Wolf
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Meh Cubone needs hatchin'
Save in PNG,dude.@everyone:it's still a WIP,he's probally working on the limbs.
It must've been Skylar!He's such a jerk sometimes.You didn't do anything wrong!
Happy late birthday!Now here's your REAL present!
Whoa,nice!thanks!But I do have to ask,what's that blue thing in the corner?
hey Metaboo,have you got the sheet done yet?
Yeah,My teacher said that i'm pretty much as smart as a college student...