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This is amazingly interesting.
She is amazingly pretty.
@VideaVice: Thank goodness it did that time!
Every time I try and add this to my favorites another comic shows up instead. >n<
Those wings. I am so jealous. D;
The details in your art are amazing!
Ugh, I can't wait to find out what happened to make Lydia leave BJ behind.
Ugh, right in the feels.
Just...just ignore this page and wait for the next.

I am so sorry.
I got a Windows Surface Pro to use for the comic and other various art. Now if I can just figure everything out...
I don't think he's got this.
Someone listens in on the balcony as trouble starts to brew...
I think this is quickly becoming my favorite Nuzlocke to read.
Nopenopenope. Noping on out of here.
I don't know if this is heartwarming or foreshadowing.
December 16th, 2015
-snaps fingers-

Joy was the cat all along.
December 13th, 2015
That damned cat.
December 9th, 2015
Oooh boy.
December 8th, 2015
What did he do? D<
Fish! Quickly jump on it's tale and smother out it's flame with your fishy body!