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XP Shi-chan is SHI-CHAN!
I'm just a weirdo hovering around here while I'm supposed to be somewhere else...but you know the feeling, right? I have a lot of drawings and random comics and characters, so I may post them all here-if I start a comic, odds are it won't have a real plot at first. Gag comics are so much easier to do....

But I'm kinda new here, so come give me a welcome hug! Naah? Aw....
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Rolled a 1? More like, rolled an 15 and thought he was doing really well. Little did he know, Alice secretly rolled a nat 20 fortitude.
"Are you kidding, this is the best job I've ever had."
Shots fired, I repeat-SHOTS FIRED!
Oh. I just looked up Amazonite's healing crystal uses. "Reducing stress and SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS". Still sounds like a dick move, though, guys.
"Who the hell do you think I am?!"
Well, I must say, White're right. It's a very nice chair. Pff.
Smells like a lemon...yet he looks like a chocolate-covered orange.
I....figured it was something like this. I kind of hoped maybe there was a kidnapping or something instead, but, no. It's exactly as bad as I was afraid of. Maaann......that sucks.
Given his behavior, I'm gonna say it was both. To help him talk to her, and ALSO because the calamity it causes was hilarious.

......By the way, we still haven't heard how old YOU actually are, troublemaker?
@(V)(;,;)(V): I don't think so....? I wear ties cause I like the look of them and enjoy the style of suits, but I keep forgetting how to tie my ties so I turn to the internet. Every single time.

Which means my brother has to turn to me when he needs a tie. And which I believe is part of why my nice red zipper tie has permanently vanished after being loaned out to him.
My best guess has always been that she was lonely, and striving to appear more mature than she was. Hence the older boyfriend. And adding to that, initially, Chase is charming and has a certain charisma-and he's not half-bad looking. You can't always tell a jerk apart from anyone else just by looking at them.
Oh MAN. I've been waiting for this for so long...he's had that coming for a long time. And man does it feel good to finally see it.
Friendship.......Hiro, this is why you always bottom. You have control of this guy for the first time in weeks, and this is the first thing that pops into your head?

....Oh my god, this precious cinnamon roll. Acts like he's all big and mighty, but he's a total dweeb. You adorable dummy!
March 17th, 2016
I'm crying. But they're happy tears. That's how I feel about this meeting. That's it.
@Mahoro: Soda, energy drinks, and tea. It doesn't have to be coffee. And soda and energy drinks have a much wider variety of flavors.

Besides, I think that weird deep smoky kind of flavor should be saved for bacon and steak. Coffee is....ugh.
In all my years attending multiple schools, both in the US and one in Germany, and from what I've heard about my brother's schools, I've never even heard of a gender-segregated PE class before. It was always co-ed, even during my brother's brief stint at a Christian academy. The only separation was in the locker rooms, and that's just common sense.
*gasps and excitedly hops up and down* Stick-ons! Stick-ons! They little stickers you put on your ears as like temporary earrings. I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid; and they had all these boards with a calendar so you could wear a new pair for every day of the month. And they came in all sorts of shapes and colors-I think they still sell them....?

She can also try transparent or glitter or glow in the dark nail polish. Hair accessories with patterns or cute colors works. I know my school allowed highlights and even color streaks so long as they weren't 'unnatural' colors. So she could get the tips of her hair frosted or put highlights in if she'd like or something like that.
As cis I don't have much experience with this exactly, but....

I've tried cosplaying or just plain dressing up, but it's usually still just me in a costume. And I am PAINFULLY shy. Then, a few years ago, for the first time, I wore a cosplay that covered my face. I was able to separate myself from that weird shy girl and was the super outgoing person that apparently a lot of people online seem to think I am...? The same thing happened when I started doing puppets for kids at church again. Or even this past year when all I did was put on a wig. I felt more at ease with the separation from my anxieties, and basically, with that confidence, everyone else approached me more easily and felt more convinced in my character.

Confidence in yourself creates confidence in others that what they see is yourself. Or something like that...? Don't quote me on that or anything.
@Nesagsar: I am filled with that awkward feeling that is both happiness for you and also jealous rage. Because your life sounds pretty good, and high school sucked for me.
A nervous tic of scratching her neck? Huh...I guess that explains why she usually has her neck covered up. To keep herself from scratching and possibly opening up some wounds. Poor thing.