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Leafy Savanna Chan
I'm an aspiring author/editor, and do best with scripts, which makes visual media a good/fun field for me to work with. I'm currently in college studying grammar, creative writing, and screenplays. Art is a hobby of mine, so naturally comics happen too.

Unfortunately, I have not had much success with comic-making in the past. Real life tends to get in the way. I hope, at some point, to create and complete some oneshots that I can post here.

I am currently focusing on my comic "The Businessman Supervillain, or Mendoza", which is only on dA for now. I may cross-post it here in the future.

"Inhibition" is a story that was kicked off with Crimson Chains' help. She drew the first three chapters, and now I'm continuing it. (Faisse started Chapter 4.) It's currently and unofficially on hiatus and I will likely rewrite it. My apologies to those who have drawn for me, and to my readers. At some point, I will officially close the project.

"Law of Syllogism" was a school project I did in 9th grade. I have sketched a few pages of a comic with these characters - no telling if I will continue with it or not.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy!

Maybe it's just a language barrier/idiom thing, but what do you mean by "I was almost a violet pillow"?

Also, I'm really enjoying this so far!! It's really cute and I can't wait to see where it goes ^^
No no, Andrew...keep thinking about that //brick'd
who's this ;;;
(panel 3) Wait why is he suddenly naked
(panel 4) oH
In panel 6, I'd thought he'd say "Vol-vag", given how she says "Vol-vaaaagia" =w="
Thank YOU for writing this!
I know I haven't commented all that much (sorry about that!), but each page has been so great to read, and I loved seeing it show up in my Favorites. This has been such a joy and I love how you managed to make an OCxLink romance REALLY WORK. Like, that's such a hard thing to do, and you really nailed it.
Whatever you end up doing next, I hope you'll post a notice about it here so I can continue to follow your works c: Best of luck with your future endeavors!
Oh! I wasn't expecting to see an ending today! That surprised me o_o"
...I don't feel like I'm properly prepared. Wow. I'm not sure how to react?
(It's kinda interesting, though. As I clicked on this page, I thought, "Oh yeah, she mentioned it'd be ending soon. I wonder when?" Lo and behold...)

Well, it's the bittersweet feeling when all comics end.
Congrats on making it so far! -^^-
When you get started on your next projects, will you post info/a link for them here so we can all follow them? c:

(I know you said you've got plans, but...I was wondering if you're planning on going back to Fallen or Captive at all? Fallen is probably my favorite of yours >v>"" And Captive started to get pretty interesting too~
If not, that's totally fine, just curious ;v; )
Yessssss, that booty stare owo

In all seriousness, though, he should be worried about war just because of all of the people freaking out "for no reason", since that very well could lead to the war they all think is coming.
Eeeeee welcome back!! 8D I was real excited to see this had updated <3
oh my god i keep rereading this page, i love it so much
"Ugly Squek" I ALMOST DIED

Also yes get the kitten!!! Kitten!!!!!! Good luck, good vibes!!
No worries! Take your time, and if you need any help with anything, feel free to talk to us about it ^^
Aki no X'D
Please give him a happy ending he's too adorable <3
Good luck!!

Also that last panel is adorable <3
It's been almost a year and a half, huh?
Sorry I haven't said anything. Every time I considered it, I always felt like it was wrong to say anything. What could I say, exactly, besides "sorry it's been so long"? Things kept building up and I kept feeling more and more wrong about ending it and people keep following it for some reason and...well, now I'm here.

I'd like to officially bring this project to a close.
By that, I mean that this comic in particular. I have no intention of leaving the characters and story behind, and have actually started a novelisation of it. (This was inspired mostly by the writing style of "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe" by Benjamin Alire Saenz, and while I'm not fond of the plot as much, it really convinced me that my writing style is, well, "justified", for lack of better word. Check it out if you haven't!) I'm not sure whether I will continue the novelisation or restart the comic completely. Either way, I don't think you'll see much more about these characters for quite a while yet. And I'll definitely post something here if I do end up restarting and posting it somewhere!
I've spoken to Crim, and she's fine with the decision. A lot of my doubt came from the fact that she so kindly helped me start off this comic and I didn't want her time and effort to go to waste. But she assured me it was fine. She's really an awesome person <3

(Another thing. I took a manga creation class last semester. (I had considered restarting Inhibition for that class, but I knew it would've been met with resistance. The teacher gave me enough grief with the story I actually did.) If any of you guys are interested in keeping up with my new comic, I'm uploading it on my dA. You can find it here: Mendoza )

So, thank you and sorry to everyone who's watching this and has been waiting for updates. Maybe at some point I'll see you again with a reboot.
I'll be keeping this comic on the site.
I hope you guys have a good one <3