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Im a nice boy who hangs out with friends
plays starcraft and soccer.

ive also have other online nicknames like areeee and luther the great 1.

Sup again guys. I've lost some sprites that i thought I had so thats why I haven't updated. I'm gonna try and get them back and hopefully update soon. No promises though.

I think my catchphrase is " what?"
I don't want to know.
This a accurate picture of how all webcomic artists feel.
Ah shit.....and i'm not close to a computer that I could edit it...I'll edit it when i'm back....
Shard ruins Jacobs meledrama.

Anyway last update for a while as i'm going to be otu of town and than working my new job.

Also I do have rays newest sprites but I chose to use a older version for this comic cause it's in the past.
322 uploaded.

I'm slowly getting all the sprites I need back. I almost lost the good metal slug sprites ( complate sets are hard to find online)
So yea, hitting alot of bumps with restarting. One being I lost alot of good sprites including metal slug ones and I couldn't find good replacements. You might have noticed the strangely colored riflemen...Anyway i'm going to take another crack at my old computer and see if I can get my sprites or not..Mystory otherwise is going to have a hard time starting up otherwise.
( I think I can do it so don't worry.)

So anyway remember all those crappy edits that I use to make? How I always used them as background civilian characters... Well you won't have to see them anymore cause, you know, their dead now >.>
I actually don't have access to those sprites ( They were some of the lost ones.) If you still have them could you send them to me?
i'll accept updates to characters.
Mystory reboot BEGIN!!

Ok so i'm not quite as well off as I thought. Slash managed to save alot of the sprites but several were damaged ( JPG saved.) and others are just not working. HOWEVER my old virused filled computer is still somewhat functioning so i'm hoping to get all the sprites from it.

Anyway here we go. I'm not the comic maker I was three years but its not a bad restart.
Alright, well thanks to Slash I have must of my sprites ( Number 9 though isn't working for some reason.)
I can only work on days when i'm with a certain computer so i'm limited. I'm gonna try and do a update this upcoming wednsday.

Now I just gotta go find metal slug sprites.
I won't lie, three years later and I lol'ed
So yea, If you still have your sprites you can post them here so I'll know what i'm working with.
I think he is kinda right though. I'm afriad I never want into detail why the war started because at the time their was already a unwritten background that most spriters knew. The war was based on humans being afraid of the furries powers and the occsional rampage that a furry with power would do. Kinda like our having a earthquake hit a city. The humans feared that the furries would become powerful enough as their numbers grew to overthrow their government. Kinda of a long stretch but i've seen worse plot lines for published comics.

Anyway yea, This comic was written a long time ago and has alot of flaws.
Hm what to do.
I don't know what victory your claiming but your welcome to have it.