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Any hidden comics are on haitus sorry I put myself in an awkward situation with fans BC
Do visit to be spoiled silly on any going ons of the characters in any of my webcomics or even ones that are just ideas that may never show. May contain crack and well...silliness.
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/violent shaking

Oh dear please update this was the most awesome thing ever...
October 16th, 2010
dat hand
October 10th, 2010
D-Did the world just...i-im...i-implode? eAe
Decided to post this because it was relevent hold on--

I'll try to start up the comic next week fer sure.
Sorry I got busy.

I got into Durarara!!
Please forgive me.
I'll be better and quicker on the page.
Because stuff I like to draw a lot is coming up
Said picture was drawn a pretty long time ago but the series itself has been worked on since a bit before that.
I refuse to update past this until my previouslchosenchapter of another comic of mine.
Because I don't want to overload myself like I usually end up doing.
I loled just a little too hard.
Hnngh so many mistakes.
His scar.
Looks like an adorable hair pin.
Many apologizes
So school ended last week.
So--summer break ;3;

So that's part of my epic reason for not updating my comics.
The second is due to the fact this one kept delating itself when I finished it hnnngh.
However tonight it was so happy with me and let me finish it so--

Also for some odd reason whenever I take forever to update something, my style changes so..
I don't know if you can tell but I placed the ears differently and my style is a biitttt different lol-
I have no reason to explain myself-okay I will though.

Now first off I'd like to mention this will be a comic I come to when I'm bored-like the type of bored where I can't think of anything and want to draw either mind-blowing violence for no reason or rape an innocent character because I just can so--, that's the type of boring that will happen to get pages of this comic.
Second, I only update ANY comic when I'm bored. Though boredom levels may vary...
Nevermind... is for plot, bm<3bf is when I want to draw gore, and ...this is just...
I have no reason to explain myself.
Thank you~!

Ah I'll keep that on mind when I draw that thingie again.
So I'm going to do this comic in digital and see how that works out.
Kay? c:
So the idea came upon me for this comic-so hey, why not make it a reality?

I have you all enjoy it-when I do begin it I mean.