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Not a dog
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I'M A HUGE NERD so I did this
Please read my comics. If you read my comics I will grant you one wish, though it must be related to toiletries.
Please read my comics. If you read my comics I'll let you share my nachos with me.
Please read my webcomic. Read my webcomic and I'll E-mail you a piece of sponge cake.

Also there is a link
This is the best thing.
A better film, more like.
Click to read:
This one's for DanoftheDead over at
TheWorstThing - One man and his dog and maybe some other guys dealing with things.

They are good things
Okay. That's clever.
Hi there. After a month's break I am ready to come back to making comics. Regular update schedule remains two or three times a week.
This one only works if you know what Sky (the British satellite service) is.

So it is automatically a terrible joke, and I am a horrible person.
Well if you don't know mate, we're fucked.

Fake Jesus ain't got shit.
Hey you know what sort of thing this is

This is the best sort of thing that's what the fuck what
Slight modification of a recent strip. New strip on Friday, pinky promise.