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Can we send in more than one entry?
Count me in for the contest! I'm so happy that I decided to check back in with this comic!
For some reason I find it absolutely hilarious that all three are about to be burned at the stake, but Drake is smiling and completely unconcerned. Let's hope this plan of his is perfect.
Awww, Joan's asleep, Drake's lying, and Teddy speaks. Interesting...

Do you accept fan art? I drew some a little while back, but I just need to ink and finish it.
I missed so many lovely pages!

As I was reading the last two pages, I was chanting, "KISS HER" the whole time. I completely support those two.
I can't help but notice how close Drake is standing to her in panel 3...
Her new hair makes her look bad ass some how. XD I'm curious to see how long it is exactly.

If only I had a horse to rant my frustrations to...
Awe.. Drake bought something to help her :)
I would have been offended by Drake's comment, but that was too far Joan!
Joan looks so pretty in the last panel :)
All I could think about in the last panel, was how I have always secretly wished for Joan and Drake to go together...
Skittsue: haha you just made me realise that Drake will have to carry Teddy now! I'll be looking forward to it ;)
Hahaha! This is so cute :)
This page is so adorable :) haha Drake is trying to force him to drink his blood.
Aww! Drake is saving his life! :)
And then Captain Jack Sparrow saves her! Haha jk. It just reminded me of Pirate of the caribbean.

I love the third panel!
Beautiful page!
I wonder if Drake will tell her about what he thinks happened, or if he'll keep it to himself. I hope Teddy is okay!
Finally Drake enters the scene! I laughed so hard at the last panel. Oh Drake, how you entertain me.
Great page like always :)
She is sooo adorable