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Tablet: Intuos Pro Medium

Current Obsession Voltron!
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This kills me and gives me life at the same time.
So cute! Raion is ultimate dad! Love how Neko is the spoiled little brother.
Who's this mysterious new bae and why is he so cute!

Sorry this took so long life kicking my butt.
Thanks so much for 5'500 Views!
Big huge thank you to everyone who's reading the comic! We're looking forward to making more pages and content!

Stay tuned!

Thanks so much!

God look at this beautiful art! Bill is so gorgeous!
AH Mal look at this beautiful art I love it! love all the close ups on body parts makes me so hype!
It's finally here! The moment you've all been waiting for. The curtains up and it's time to get this show on the road!
Yesss my favorite! Tall bottoms ftw.
All the performers are hella xtra and I love it!
He likes to mark his territory ; )
Maybe he's Born with it....

Picture I drew of Dom in his 'Natural State'

Comic is starting soon! Look forward to it!
@bayobayo: We also have an opening for a cook if thats more your speed!
@MrCircusPapa: That would be awesome! I'll do one too!
Look at that man in charge. His handsome face distracts you from the fact he's always teasing everyone.
@MrCircusPapa: Sorta yea! We all take turns drawing pages and have fun getting to know everyone's characters. You can definitely do both a server and bar tender. Maybe start with one for now?
It's a collab comic about a Burlesque club and it's inhabitants!
Dominique is a man, this is him dressed up to preform. ^ w ^
About Dominique
Name: Dominique "Dom" Martínez
Stage Name: Lily Lavender
Age: 29
Height: 5"9
Ethnicity: Dominican
Top/Bottom/Switch: Bottom
Occupation: Performer/Choreography.
Talents: Amazing Dancer, Professionally trained specialty Latin style

Personality, Tsundere, confident in dance and his looks. Can be a Diva- very hard on the other performers because he wants everything just right. Considers himself the talent manager even though it isn't official. Has a thing for dancers and parties too hard. Has a nasty habit of drinking too much when he goes out.