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1. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
2. Klance
3. Kellan Lutz for Kim ( thought I could totally see Chris Hemsworth as well ) and Adam Lambert for Kylee
Absolutely Right
You're absolutely right it won't take a minute. It would take hours to explain to you how happy I am that you've stuck with this comic. I've always been a SasuNaru Fan with NaruSasu being an occasional indulgence. I adore this comic. I love that even with all the people leaving the community you're still enjoying working on a beautiful story that we all want to see through to completion. I'm a hard Core ItaKyuu fan, Its one of my only otps ( Besides AoKaga ) that I can never resist. I love your work, keep up the good work. Don't let anyone for a moment let you think you're wasting your time, because you're a very talented artist and this is a good story, a really good story. I will do my best to comment going forward, because you deserve to know what a wonderful job you're doing on every single page.
'Squirming around so much seriously-'
' I'm going to have to tie you in place. '
Double Updated on Aokaga Day!!
Aw damn today's like christmas for me. A flood of AoKaga Fanfics and double update from my favorite comic. : D
Yes- Yes I will order a copy Hurry up and come friday! Let me get paid. Yes Yes Yes.
I wish to purchase your comic. I could print it myself but I want to reward your wonderful work by purchasing a copy from you. Any chance of you printing it? I don't mind the quality or the messyness. I love messy comics the most. Any chance on you printing a couple books?
Name:Jason Rider
Age: 23
Position: SEME
Species: Fire Pheonix
Likes:Smoking, Racing, flying, Oddly enough reading.
Dislikes: People with no style. People in his personal space.
Other:Jason Rider is a hot head, no respect or other people and has been in prison 3 times already. He lives with three other and they share a space. A Neko seme and a Water Nymph uke. He often argues with the uke but never really hurts him. He fights hand to hand and if things get bad he always has his sai.
He likes forward ukes.
i totally wanna have this page's babies.
So this is my two super hero's chilling at the beach xD
this is how they normally look as you may notice I took the pink out of Yuudai's hair.

I actually worked really hard on this, i had to upload this at my papa's no internet at home.
White rose!!!
Sorry I haven't been updating! I've been working on a short back story comic but it's taking a while =_=
Blue Rose Yushiko Koizumi. White rose's older brother has white and blue hair and blue eyes. His super powers are his magic (he is a very powerful magician) and he has the ability to control matter as well on the elememnts depending on what crystal he has. the siblings are from a clan of magicians from japan which explains their more traditional outfits when they come to america they eventually change their costume to something more super heroish.

I never did put up a pick of him did I?

Name: Yushiko Koizumi
Super hero name: Blue thorn
Position: Seme
Age: 24
Likes: To be in the spotlight and seeing how desperate girls can get.
Dislikes: People who don't know their place
Weakness: Black crystal and holy water
February 17th, 2011
awesome story
Aweeee~ He looks so cute!
My tablet broke. *cries* My traditional sucks. My scanner hates me and I FAIL at drawing manga pages. *sobs*
i love how you draw this. Can you enlarge the beginning pages please?
I'd like to be a co author what are you looking for?

XD I like this. *humps page*
Run! run while you still can little magical boys!!
Awesome pics and bios