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I love drawing, reading, and writing^^
~Uchiha Pride~
I Also RolePlay~ [Mainly Naruto :D]
You can reach me @ [If you wanna trade for trade or apply as a co-author at these sites] (or itachievil98)

or Facebook. [ask in pm]

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Laughing :D
Needed to add a new design to her clothing at the age of 16 and this is what I came up with since she's a prisoner anyway of the Akatsuki.
And i redid this picture ^^
I forgot how to draw an old character so i decided to re-do him and remember how to draw him ^^
Drew a picture of Konan ^^
I love this picture ^u^ i wanted a beautiful picture of lee and my friend Drake Pierce has been helping me improve on my manga
=u= got board and soooooooooo i colored this in and added the effects.
Another page i wanted to color in because i loved it. ^^
Another Itachi strip except his eyes are darker in the second picture.
Colored this in and added the effects <3 My favorite project I did so far.
Sasuke Itachi Reunion...!!!
Another fan art </3 it's getting closer to the end of the series and i wanted to reflect on one of the important part of the series
Spoiler Alert: Brotherly confrontation coming up soon
January 25th, 2012
still experimenting, drawings will be up here soon ^^
January 25th, 2012
SasuXIta fanart </3
yes, he needs to be talked to by his brother!~!!!
colored in ^^ im so proud of this pick i went over the coloring and did ma best ^^ i lovers it <3
Going on DeviantArt
December 20th, 2011
doing a fan art pop art sort of thing >.< colored the lines in and then tweeked it! for a contest :3