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The books are really good though. Movie adaptations of books normally suck :/ oh well I'm still seeing it anyway :D I don't want to come off rude or anything but daughters of Zeus have black hair and blue eyes (i a giant Percy jackson nerd :D)
Awh poor mikey. When you have contacts, getting makeup in your eyes hurts like crap :/
Spaghetti snot is now sexy cause ezios to darn sexy :D
I live in the us but I run across the street like an idiot cause it's just to darn fun :D brings out my inner child
Desmond Altair and ezio all have the same face (and scar)
lol i didnt like to get armor cause i never kept track of how much money i had. then i got altairs armor :D
Well ezio can hide with prostitutes to..... He just has to pay them (crap that sounds rong!)
In ac bloodlines there's a truth file and the title of it is behold the assassins or something and it has pictures of roman/greek gods giving birth, so the orginal assassins are demigods (half god half human) and if u read percy jackson and the Olympians it means all the people in camp half-blood are assassins :D
:,( I miss Altair and his awsomeness and Desmond and his child likeness and ezio with his italian sexiness
Pink *shudders* oh how I hate that color *shoots electricty from fingers and laughs minacaly*
These characters keep reminding me of Desmond from ask Altair!!! I miss his childnessness
Some days I'll go all day with shoes on other days I only wear them when going out, but when I sleep I can't have anything on my feet (but sheets)
Lol it does look like desy!!!
*waves* hi I'm <insert name here> how's life?
My friend went threw a stage of they wanted to be a vampire, thank god that she became a vegitarian cause If she was still in that stage and not a vegitarian and she found out about the blood she'd probably eat it
When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie that's amore! When the world seems to shine like you've had to much wine that's amore!
I love the word oxymoron! My friend thought I said nazimoron when i said it one time.......
I think vampires with purple eyes would be cool:D