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The Puns are going to kill me!
Excuse me for stating my opinon honestly, and going agaisnt what other people say.

Space could also probably be found with some clever editing.
I edont see an error, compare this to
Looks the same to me
Hello I'm a bit new.
I rate this a 4 because HK didn't have a
Confused Statement:
Infront of his words.
What reward to give to the sneak/Boo who has everything? 5/5
30 Aug 2006 06:58 am
04 Sep 2006 16:50 pm
31 comics in 6 days, 10 hours and 8 minutes.

154.13 Hours/31 Comic = a comic every 5.94 hours!
Nice Boo, Nice.

Hes got serious metal problems, probably an elfs fault
Its fine for now, I just saw it and was confused :P
Gah you changed your layout.

At least its better then bookmans (The Goggles do nothing!)
make sure you actually give the sword the name bigsword. (just imagine a comic about that, like up a level down a level in order of the stick)
Lets try to stick to real swords.
Buster Swords look like this anyway: m/gallery/images/buster05.jpg
Notice the curve down on stumpys
Silly Stumpy, You don't Run them through with a longsword. Or bastard sword. Whatever it is
ahh Dex Zoning out.

I wonder how they will escape this one. Too bad theres not some sorta secret passage there...
Wait, Didn't she want to heal his arm?

Either then that great
That was great Boo! And that does sound deeply disturbing.
This is still Me
I decided to get an actual account (because I'm paranoid <_<)

Power problems huh? Thats what Labtops are for.