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Hi! I'm Polina Holdbrook (Meg was my old signature)

I hope you like my comics <3

If you wanna see more~ Just go to my DeviantArt:
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    Polina Holdbrook
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o_o... Vanilla's there?
December 17th, 2013
I pressed "next page" and then NOOOOOOOOOO!! ಠOಠ

Wanna Isamu listen Taiki's heart before kissing <w<
Delay again, sorry!
And also sorry for those little details that been changed. It's been 3 years since I didn't update this comic so I lost many of patterns that I used here. And in these 3 years, I finally got my tablet :D so as you can notice I started to draw with it <3
@Ravens: OMG IT'S TRUE XDD Ahahahahah!

Yaaaaaay! update!! *-* Love your drawing style!! <3 <3 <3
¡Por Fin!
Actualización!! Yaaay! ^^

Que no te agarre flojera plis *-* que nos dejas con la intriga! (aunque soy la menos indicada para decirte esto...)
Es verdad, las páginas a color están geniales :D Keep goin'! <3
Update ♥
Hi guys! ^^ I'm so happy to update! Yay! If you wanna see more of my art or know if I'm updating, or not... please check my tumblr!

Thanks! ♥
July 2nd, 2013
Im gonna miss you, a lot! ;(

I just fell in love with your art *-*

Pure inspiration! <3
@Earthfield: No! No chusmees los mìos!!! Que hace 3 años que no los renuevo!! *muere de vergüenza*
Jajajaj! Muy bueno! Ya se viene a mis favs!
Norbert's a strategist <3
Noah would be pissed off... 'cause nothing else happened, and he (not in a far future) would want it! Kya! <3
Awwww es re tierno! <3

Como me gusta esta historia c: hace mucho tiempo que no me pasaba por este comic ni por ningún otro x) es hora de actualizarme y actualizar los míos GOD! D:!

Felices fiestas!! ^^

Paz y buenas vibras~
August 9th, 2011

HAHAHAHAHAH XDDD it's like a: *facepalm*
August 4th, 2011
I laughed at the first comment AHAHAHAH XDD
I understand now why is a FANART ATTACK! O:


luve u! <3
June 16th, 2011
Oh my God! I have a epiphany!

She's my mom!
HEY! I prefer beer before wine! xD

PS: I knowed that Ash will get mad at that notice xD!
Come on linda! No es lo mismo cumplir 19 que 20 ;A;

oh goddammit...! Bueh, de todas maneras me voy a hacer algo loco en el pelo para conmemorar mis cambios de los 19 a los 20 o_ó! Que malos todos xD ahora todos los hermanitos prefieren estar con Eric por puros celos! Que se jodan por haberlo dejado 16 años solo! xD (tiene 16 verdad? o_oU)

Ohhh yeah <3
April 13th, 2011
@Snager's comment make me snort XD

poor lil' elephant :c