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Yo... I liek drawin teh animez... X3
And I love playing video games also...
Yeah... I'm a very boring person lol
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LOL, I get my ideas in the shower. ^///^ But hey, whatever works!
Very cute drawing, I love the eyes and the hair design!
Mmmm, I sure do love me some KFC too! LOL.
Very funny/cool!
Aw, this is super cute!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
@ Kai173: M-master?!?!!? o//////0 lol
@ mappy41: Thanks! ^///^
I'm feeling bad for her now, all you guys want to do is reveal her!!!! >://C

@DanaBoBana: Thanks! But if it doesn't come out like I plan, then it's poo. ;w; Only the clouds came close to how I wanted it, LOL.
@ Sunnykitty: o.O... Don't do that! If you do, what's under there might surprise you, or horrify you. ;D

@MissRen15: Don't be jealous! D:
I just get lucky sometimes! ; 3 ;
Thanks very much everyone! ^///^

@ princess_lom: With lots and lots of patience. :D

@ AncientxxGaruda: Yeah, it reminds me of cotton candy too. Now I'm hungry, thanks! >;D
She looks so cool. Especially lovin' the shaes, LOL. <3
@gaiadarkstar: Thanks very much, I'm very glad you think that. :D.
So Cute! :D
The colors are very soothing, even with the evil creatures in the back. X3
LOL ^///////^
It's all pure luck. D;
They're so pretty!
Question though, the wing-like symbols on the girl wearing the purple and yellow, are those tats? It looks cool! *3*
I especially love how their eyeshadows corresponds with their suits!
Good job~ <3
Very beautiful!
I love the shading you used for her. Makes her abs look so realistic! *w*
Nicely done. I'm jealous of how you can color without lines. ;w;
I need lines or new photoshop LOL.
My coloring always looks jagged!
Anyways, beautiful job, love the suit too~
Cute characters!
I love the lines you drew on the ball, actually makes it seem like it's moving! <3
Wow, your chars are so cute! I love the kitty face on the middle dude. XD
I also love your BG. *w*
So adorable! <3
I wish I could ride a turtle. ;w; Or live by the ocean...
YAY, finally got one done. ;w; Been so lazy and busy...
Anyways, this girl is inspired by Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) since I've been interested in Alice Madness Returns! :D
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
BG is poo...
Wah, I need to get more active. ;w;
I'm definitely doing this month's theme!!! :D
Awesome ideas btw!