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I like videogames, drawing, and reading comics. My favorite sprite comic is Two Evil Scientists, which is mostly the reason I joined smackjeeves.
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gee, seeing this comic reminds me that I really should get back to doing my own comic here, but I have so little time to draw...
@Proto165: my personal favorite was the city escape remix. I played the PS3 version myself, and though the graphics were amazing I didn't think they were that much better just because they were in HD.
UGH! It's been MONTHS! If anybody still reads this comic, NO it is not dead, I'm still coming up with ideas for the next chapter, I have a good way to begin it but I'm not sure about the parts that come after. Until I figure out how to continue the story enjoy this filler, based on Sonic Rush. Thank you for reading!
speaking of diehard fans, waiting for this comic to make its triumphant return I made a Mega Hedgehog action figure: I hope you like it.
ugh...I'm sorry I missed another update, AND all I have to show for it is another filler. I think I have a basic idea of what the next story line of captain N is going to be, but I need a little more time to flesh out a workable plot. In the meantime, I hope you get a good laugh out of this...ha ha ha! Mario isn't used to moving that fast!
@ AuraX
Metal Sonic is technically a clone of Sonic in many ways, that includes a short attention span and overall aloofness, so while Tabuu and Vaati are looking determined, Metal is totally distracted by his own hand.
I was thinking of a way to end this chapter so I could segue into the next, when I came up with a funny idea. You know how at the end of a heroic story the main characters will stand side by side while looking into the distance? I figured I'd do that but with the bad guys, because even though they're evil they still know the value of team work. (Like that episode of Justice League where Grod tried to make a new legion of doom where the members could really trust and rely on each other, I liked that one.)
well I haven't seen much of the old cartoon, and didn't see the Wily episode, but I might use him as well as many other iconic game villains. The general tone of the comic is meant to be lighthearted and there will be jokes, but I have no plans on making any characters into bumbling oafs unless they already were like that in the game they're from.
yeah, it's another filler. I wish I could have another proper update before the month is out, but frankly I'm stumped. I'm facing the real end of the first major adventure arc and I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. What world will we visit? How will the characters continue to develop? Frankly I'm a bit at a loss about what I'm going to DO. But Don't worry, I'll figure something out! Now, on to the comic!

Okay, I gotta admit, this comic is a manifestation of my nerd rage, but I always try to channel that kind of thing in a positive way. How can Sonic's 20th anniversary game not get a wii port?! Don't give me the hedgehog engine crap because a very minor graphical downgrade would allow it to run just fine, like Sonic Colors did. Think of this, there have been 11 Sonic games made exclusive for nintendo consoles (not counting re-releases of old games) which include pretty much all of the best reviewed and received. In that time there have been 4 games NOT made for nintendo consoles, the most prominent example being the now infamous "Sonic '06" which was made for Sonic's 15th anniversary. I can't believe Sonic Team would repeat that mistake from 5 years ago. I'm sure generations will be an awesome game, but people who own XBox's and PS3's probably won't be interested in it because they'll have memories of '06 and no particular attachment to Sonic, since it's not an FPS or gritty sandbox crime game. Wow this sounds so much like a fanboy rant, but is it so much to ask that I can count on a series to have all of it's games come out on one console, or at least be TRULY multi-platform?

Edit: If you own more than one console, that's awesome, but a lot of people can't really afford to do that. Also, I know there are always exceptions, and there are PS3/360 owners who love platformers and mascot titles as much as any Sonic fan, but statistically speaking FPS games are the most popular on the 360, and sandboxes are most popular on the PS3. (games like little big planet and Ratchet and Clank are exceptions to this rule, but are more niche on that system.)
Here we go! A comic update! I hope you liked my captain N action figure last time...and I don't have much else to say...did you see the Sonic Generations trailer? I'm pissed because it doesn't have a Wii port, I will have to express that rage in comic form soon.
Yeah, sorry I couldn't have a proper comic update today, but how about a freaking Captain N action figure huh? Really, as soon as I found an action figure on the 3 3/4 scale that wore a freaking trench coat this guy just HAD to be made.
Sorry I missed an update last month, I'll try to make it up this month, just a bunch of stuff has been keeping me busy and I couldn't do that much drawing. I need to learn how to make speech bubbles better, I couldn't make round ones fit so I went with squares, I always wanted to keep squares for robots but...well they're just so convenient and stackable.
Something about my comic that I freely confess is that is basically is an author insert fanfiction, and I feel a bit weird every time one of the characters refers to Captain N by name. I try to avoid the cliche pitfalls of this type of story by showcasing the other characters as much as possible and taking the main character down a peg every now and then so he doesn't seem like some kind of overpowered Gary Stu that you just wanna strangle (y'know, like the ORIGINAL Captain N.) Of course, at this point in the story I honestly can't remember if the princess knows his NAME, I better check the archives about that...
I was almost afraid I wouldn't get a second page this month, but I managed to pull it off!
ugh -_- I have had very little motivation to do much this month, I hate being unemployed. We're almost home folks!
take your time, I'm not going to make a hypocrite of myself by demanding expedient updates when your comic updates 10 times more often on average then mine
Well here we are in the warp zone, the first adventure arc is finally coming to a close. many people have tried to reprogram Zero in the past? And didn't he go through like 130 years of special programs to prevent his system from being overridden? I don't think its POSSIBLE to re-program Zero if he doesn't want to.
so the evil tentacle rape hands were the trap and the little handgun was the diversion, yet it ended up the other way around?
heh, what an interesting spin on the "look over there" gag, "look over here!"