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Ehh... This is hard. xD So many things to type!

Okay, first off: I'm a Yaoi fan
but other genres of manga(like comedy and shounen) I'll read too. I like sweets, dogs, and cute things(like yoyocici and that chibi crap)

My Comic/Art status is: When I get around to finishing the info on my comics that I'm going to draw and upload here, I'll probably upload once or twice a week. I don't really know yet...
But I will get on that as soon as possible!!

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    Grinning Wolf
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New fan ^^
Your art style is fantastic!! So refreshing!
@coolchan: As an artist-- or editor--or something!!! >.<;
I really enjoyed reading this comic, & I'd be willing to do anything to keep it alive!
@April Bouvier: *posts sticky note with name on it*

H-hello.. Sorry for my absence ^^; I won't be leaving anytime soon.
YES <3
Finally, a wolfy to play with! :D
(This is your captain speaking! )
I like, yes :D
Such a lovely style you have <3
I'm waiting for everyone else to introduce their characters, so I'll be going last, if anyone is wondering~
I know a couple of other people said they were going to upload, so just go ahead~!
In the mean time, I'll be drawing out the first chapter so then we can get the games started yaaay~ :3
Rainbow Boys
November 11th, 2012
@April Bouvier: Thanks! :3
@April Bouvier: YOSH! Let's get this show on the road!!
@April Bouvier: BY WHO!?! D:
Not Dead~
just passed out in bed half dead~ lolol
Just keeding! But I will be posting a page & my characters sometime this weekend too, since I have extra time on my schedule now yaaaay~.
Some personal things came up, sorry 'bout that guys for my long absence! I will make it a priority to update twice a week!
April I did edit author's permission for you to be able to change permissions, so just change only the permissions of new-comers please~!
*grabby fingers*
What a cutie! Love the personality, too :3
This page is just pure win x'D
dat second panel <333
Awwwww, poor baby ;A;
I'd cuddle you, but then you'd probably punch my lights out, lol x.x
dat second to last panel is so darn cuteeeee unfff<333
Oh geez!
Another babe!
lol you're killin' me here! x)
And dem pills~ x3 how cuteee!
I think anybody would lmao
Oh, I can't wait! Your art is very lovely, btw ^^
Your art style is absolutely lovely :D
Keep the comics rollin' on in, 'cause I'm here to stay~~ !! :D
hello :)
It's been revamped to be x100000 better than the old one, so here's the new link: