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I'm half japanese and half Spanish. (born in US) I don't look like a spanish person and i have miss matched color eyes. brown and green(I HATE pictures)So, I don't have any pictures of myself so don't ask. I don't speak spanish but i do speak japanese. i can read a bit and i love drawing. (though i suck) I found this PICTURISQUE while looking at North Toronto high school's web. (I don't go there) I just have a friend that really hates that school. (She's on the swim team at our school) Yes, i know im born on nine eleven.
on the picture, im wearing color contacts.
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His hair looks like that character from a manga i once read.... I cant remember what it was called.......(I'd never even attempt to draw that shirt...)
>sob< How can two people talk so calmly with a corps next to them.
why doesn't the girl have any blood on her?
&#27425;&#12398;NOSTALGIA&#12434;&#12288;&#20986;&#12377;&am p;#12398;&#12399;&#12288;&#12356;&#12388;&#65311;
&#65288;&#26085;&#26412;&#35486;&#35501;&#12417;&#124 27;&#12424;&#12397;&#65311;&#65289;

If you can't read japanese, translation is..
"When is the next NOSTALGIA going to be relised?
(You can read japanese right?)"
Wow, your good. I hate drawing at that view! How do you do it?
Hi, I'm a fan of yours. I also luv sandra! Love her hair. It sort of looks like mine... I luv this story. A don't like that guy(>~<)
Yah i know , im writing again, but i LOVE shirota yuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's just like me an japanese/spanish person!!! (thou he doesn't have miss matched colored eyes)
: :