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Is it just me or is he blushing slightly? It must be from running.
o.o I think a black bar was needed there. X3 Love this comic!
-giggles- Naked wolfy! X3
This is serious business.


He dropped his cigarette. DT must be in trouble.
So, Atty does have a heart... It's the apocalypse! Don't eat it DT! He must have poisoned it or something! The chocolate is a lie!
Oh, wow. What kind of freak says toodles and doesn't get slapped? Obviously that guy.
I KNEW IT! Dang it, Atty, don't screw this up and punt DT. Please!
Go DT! Scratch his fricking face off!
Go DT! X3 I can't wait to see Atty's face when Nido gets owned.
Atty surprised me with the being nice and everything. He must have finally given in to DT cuteness. X3
Me in pokemon form introducing myself. XD It sucks I know.
Pikachu kicks off Chibi Pokemon Craziness with fire! XD (It's really bad. I know.)