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I'm sorry for my brief periods of dedication to Pixieshit webcomic! I still have a lot of health-issues to figure out and taking a lot of medication and monthly hospital visits. I am forever and always will be crazy about fairies and pixies and definitely DO plan to continue the comic! So if you like the comic please bear with me as a sickly author and understand there will be hiatusses that can last up to a year before another brief spike of activity hits. I hope that once my health is restored and I have less chaos and more order to my life (and I'm no longer a sad little person full of anxiety..) to get back in the groove and bust out weekly pages again!! My apologies! I hope to get better!!
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TToTT THe perv in me weeps, you draw men so beautifully.
I love the amount of body exposing fanservice this comic has <3 It's fantastic :D
WHy do I feel like she's going to do something really stupid that's totally going to ruin his plan?
I like where this is going <3
They both looks miserable af in that last panel
Aww :3 This is so sweet, I'm happy they're in touch again~
@Scorpio730: All ships are loved and welcomed <3 At this point nothing is canon yet x3
@bayobayo: So long as he doesn't like... wave it around his nose and face haha, that's just cruel XD
@Scorpio730: Hhmmmm something to add to his portfolio besides drug-magnet, liquor-magnet and weapon-magnet xD (because as a bouncer he has to check people for that to make sure they don't get into the club)
This page made me laugh x3
I have no idea who he's talking about or waht he's talking about, but yeah! Go defend your future husbando! ;) ;)
When that inspiration hits, that inspiration just hits! xD Ya gotta give in before it creeps away TToTT
I love how Raion is there right in the center at the 3rd panel with his "You got to be kidding me" face xD
This looks like a scene that could have come straight out of an anime xD
March 26th, 2018
O my goodness x_x If this is where the little elf boy lives that poor boy's got trouble tailing him wherever he goes ;_;
Yup. He's up to no good, that's for sure >.<

Sorry to hear about the hiatus :( I really loved reading your beuatiful comic so far <3 You're an excellent artist and sotrywriter~

Will definitely patiently wait for the return :)
Uh oh!! I'm sensing some bad intentions from mister prince..
I love that send panel so much <3 Kyaaa~