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I'm sorry for my brief periods of dedication to Pixieshit webcomic! I still have a lot of health-issues to figure out and taking a lot of medication and monthly hospital visits. I am forever and always will be crazy about fairies and pixies and definitely DO plan to continue the comic! So if you like the comic please bear with me as a sickly author and understand there will be hiatusses that can last up to a year before another brief spike of activity hits. I hope that once my health is restored and I have less chaos and more order to my life (and I'm no longer a sad little person full of anxiety..) to get back in the groove and bust out weekly pages again!! My apologies! I hope to get better!!
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LOL <3 didn't know he had such a kawaii girly taste in sweaters hihihi
lmao xD we should have known... Aaah George crushing the high hopes we had for her xD
August 7th, 2018
I'm pretty sure those scary plants and dead rising from the grave nulls out the "beautiful fog" they create... xD
July 19th, 2018
Hihihi :3 excited to see how this pans out~
Ah such a pretty picture <3 I had to look for it as the update shows in my feed but not in the latest pages area here: but I'm so glad I found it, such cute patoots. And don't worry about long hiatusses x_x I am super guilty of those as well..
July 5th, 2018
Welp! Here comes the love xD The hype is real :D
July 4th, 2018
Lmao xD I love how elfy is all smirky about it and vampy is all guilty and shit xD
TToTT THe perv in me weeps, you draw men so beautifully.
I love the amount of body exposing fanservice this comic has <3 It's fantastic :D
WHy do I feel like she's going to do something really stupid that's totally going to ruin his plan?
I like where this is going <3
They both looks miserable af in that last panel
Aww :3 This is so sweet, I'm happy they're in touch again~
@Scorpio730: All ships are loved and welcomed <3 At this point nothing is canon yet x3
@bayobayo: So long as he doesn't like... wave it around his nose and face haha, that's just cruel XD
@Scorpio730: Hhmmmm something to add to his portfolio besides drug-magnet, liquor-magnet and weapon-magnet xD (because as a bouncer he has to check people for that to make sure they don't get into the club)
This page made me laugh x3
I have no idea who he's talking about or waht he's talking about, but yeah! Go defend your future husbando! ;) ;)