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i love paramore, music, breakdancing, snowboarding, reading, writing, drawing, and avatar the last airbender :]
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Is that a Brokeback Mountain reference? confuzzled.
YES Mika! you really DO like him like that!
If I were Melanie right now, I'd be totally pissed off. Wow, what a dad.
Normally I don't agree with Mulligan and what he says... but this is one time when I do. Patrick was out of line there, man.
Whoaa... it seems so awkward and stilted right now. I can feel it.
ohh nooo!! poor Dake, I hope Tommy comes to save him!

on a completely irrelevant note, I ADORE your new picture/avatar/icon/whatever you want to call it? I love The Road to El Dorado :D

Miguel and Tulio! Tulio and Miguel! Mighty and powerful Gods!
so cute! he gave him his shirt :3
i freakin LOVE that show! i love you for that quote <3
aww, I love Jade! he's so sweet and sincere, and he really cares ^_^
these characters are sooo cute! <3
for some reason, the whole setting of this comic reminds me of World of Warcraft (with the clothes and backgrounds and stuff)
lol *is a nerd*
lol, cheech and chong?
oh dear...
poor Django is quite tactless D:
he certainly doesn't beat around the bush, does he?
hopefully that doesn't push Troy away
I love this story though
except it's sad right now D:
poor Benji, awww <3
I just realized...
Stein's manager (Rich, right?)
reminds me of K from Gravitation
I just hope he realizes he's not just doing it to make Haru stop bothering him, and that it's actually because he loves him!
how do we see the incentive?
I don't know where to vote. I voted for it at webcomicz and don't know where to go from there :/
lol this page. so much love. <3
how does no one like Ren??
that boggles my mind O_O
I see Haru is finally getting to Shiratori ;D
I love this story :3
and your art