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OMG, sweet!
So close! I was hoping for them both, I was hoping For joy for them both -- let's see what develops after the pain meds wear off.
The Good Stuff
She looks so smug in frame Three,-- but I can not tell if the half smile is for what He Did say, or if it is for what she Didn't say? And someone has twinkling eyes of joy mixed with mischief. Bratty kids always singing,"I know something I won't tell, I won't tell. I won't tell! Nyahh,nyahh.
Yeah, but....
@snow crystal: While it makes the whole of society stronger and its core values stronger, if you weed out the 5-sigma ones; you lose your humanity and your genius in the same stroke. Society shows its wealth or its poverty by how it treats and respects the outliers and the weak.
Oh, right! Yeah-- forgot.
@snow crystal: You're Right! Because if boys learned how to be nurturing, there'd be fewer absent fathers, and much less violence and posturing. It's hard to shoot someone else if you think it will hurt them. Right? I'll shut up now.
Yeah, time to go
Because I love you so, should I stay or should I go? If I volunteer to go, will you ask me to stay? So many questions, Daniel gets a peck on the cheek, Lukas and Ashley get full on lip-lock kisses with hands on cheeks! Poor Daniel.
August 18th, 2014
IRL - too much of it
I have found, in my many, many, years, that you should Never count on a miracle to save you. That is not the way to bet your money in the gamble of life. You cannot count on miracles.
But do not discard the idea, either. Miracles do happen, most often when we don't expect one.
August 18th, 2014
In America
In America the phrase is used to justify Anything, especially used in begging. And I'm too proud to beg for an update. You just take care of you, and update when you can.
No, no, not offended
@Rennakins: No, no, not offended. I'm just tired of hearing it from the media, the stories I read, the comics I read. It is the pervasive meme. And in this story, yes, it is True! And it is true they will have to figure out their own dynamic. But IRL people figure it out without much drama -- usually.
If they are communicating well. If not? "Nothing is easy." **. ** Jethro Tull
August 16th, 2014
Why the tears?
Still, some days are better than others. Nice to have a good cry sometimes, but NOT at work.
August 16th, 2014
Think of the children!
Plus there are the new readers who just found your comic, think of them! I hope you are alright?
Life is full of odd twists.
Life is full of odd twists.
Why do people think that there HAS to be one on top. That is just not how people are. Who wants the same thing for breakfast every morning for 40 years? Eggs; fried, poached, boiled-hard, boiled-soft, scrambled, omelet, baked, all sorts of things to chose from. Then pancakes, cereal, toast, sausages, bacon, ham, steak, brains, tomatoes, does Not Always Have to be the Same Thing in Bed. Butch on top, get it over with quick. Such a bad stereotype.
August 3rd, 2014
Oh, hey, great comic
Love the layers in layers.
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Knocking it out of the park
Oh, this is going to make it really hard for her to hate him. I can hear her walls crumbling from Here! She's going to start liking him, and that will be her undoing.
Well, watch and see- like the others
Well, since she has seen a string of guys pretend to like her to get close ther her mother' naturally she's wary and jaded. It is One thing for Danny-Boy to step up to bat, it is another thing, entirely, to follow through. Guys often get to bat, with a swing and a miss. Let's see Daniel hit it out of the park-- tag the bases for a home run into the hearts of Maya & Naomi. Naomi wants him and Maya doesn't even know how much she needs him.
Cloud umbrella!
I love the cloud umbrella. She looks cold, is it cold out when it rains?
Danny Vs. The Kid
People say I don't like kids, that's not true at all.
I am just picky about how I like them cooked.
Here's to you!
I still love everything about this comic. You are one of the best on the web. I love your work. The very best to you, and congrats! Four years, Woooh!!
Naw, no Duck
I can't get The Duck to load a page for me, maybe it works for the artists, but my links won't work. Good to know the server is still working.
Sleeping with the Mate
Wife is a covers-stealer. We have twin beds pushed together, she has her covers, I have my covers, and we can hold hands or snuggle-bunnies anytime we like. She can't steal the covers! Warm! Yea!
This comic is intriguing
I just found your comic. I like it, but have trouble following what is happening. It is full of mystery and I like it, but feel I am not getting everything you are putting into it. It is a well done story.