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Hey! I'm Rae! I LOVE music and art. I watch some sort of anime or read some sort of manga e-v-e-r-y day. I'm writing a story about seven kids, seven lives, and seven sins. (Just guess what it's called.) Two webcomics that I'm reading here are "Animosity Sonata" (for the love of music) and "Joseph and Yusra." (for the love of God.)
I want to see if I could turn my story into a webcomic (That'll be fun)
So about music, I play trombone, piano, and I want to learn the cello. I also sing.
About the webcomic, (it's gonna be called "Seven"...haha...) It's about the lives of seven highschoolers and the hardships they go through. Lives are saved, lives are made, and lives are taken away. Some happy endings, and some tragedies. But you'll have to wait for it to be done! (boo-hoo!)
With all of this, I just hope that Wyatt finds someone who will like him back some day. He doesn't look like a bad guy.
"My girlfriend who lives in Canada!"-
Avenue Q
How do you spell gold-digger?
Excuse me while I sing about my feelings.
I would love it if he sang "Someone like you"
Nothing can heal like music can.
Darren is slowly replacing Chris as my favorite character, just because we're both musicians.
February 19th, 2012
Legato? That dog is more like a Morccato.
So she went all SAILOR MOON!!! Yeah!
da da da da da d-da dadada Da d-da da d-da da!
Who needs V-day anyway? Stupidest thing I've ever heard of! the last she not wearing underwear???
He looks hottttt!(dark hair/glasses fetish coming out...)
I'm a happy chair!
ugh! cliff hanger! realize what?????
Guy with glasses is cute....
I wish i had a shelf like that!
I had the impulse to say "silence" in a really creepy and evil voice...
nerdy, dark hair, glasses, AND arrogant.....I love this guy <3 <3 <3
ugh! i would hate to have a mother like that! she's like a sister! mother and sister are two different things. I wish I had a sister though...
"uh...the sign says push"
reading is power...