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Poor dude I would of done the same thing
Tho I would of also gotten mad for laughing at me XD
awww mr.down beat isint mean afterall hes a good guy :>
oh man i cant wait the old one i liked so very much <3
holy crap i feel like rodney...i feel like dereck might be mad that rodney didnt tell him about the secret stash :I
why do i find your style and story adorable <3
well i like white noise because it interested me never lied such a cute comic before XD (OTL) i liked how Fiona's voice is and how everyone else is makes me laugh. (i know this isnt gonna win so im just writing to show my appreciation actually) i thought it was going to be some kind of action of something (id why) its better than the other cute styled comics i can assure you that. I lied how your style improved during the progressed of new pages it got better and also the jokes did too. So i would say i love you comic XD (so damn chessy srsly)
he seemed much more innocent didnt he?
i think you just gave me diabetes :T
he said it :T dude i hope you say somehtin nice back lol
gosh she looks so mean looking ;-;
....idk about you but i would of faught her if she ever did something to my girl >:U
lol i didn't know she actually rolled like that i thought she would of just kept trying to say she didn't like her lol surprising ending and a short one...
i hate mondays it always has to be a B to me
boobs are soft lol makes me think of marshmallows :>
wat kind of person tells someone else weird when their smiling and picking out guns XD
OMG my friend was just reading me sat a few days ago to her little brother he freaked out lol well thats wat happenes when you tell a 5 year old child that
hey my b-days 3/23 lol and now i know what happened
yea i remmember
yea i rememmebr tat one i didnt see the anime but soem clips of it very very scary so i decided not to see it good luck dude