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Oh no! You are correct...I'm sorry :( It's been a long time since I made a page. I can't believe I didn't notice! Thank you, I will correct the problem as soon as I can.

Update: I fixed the pages. Hopefully. Again, thank you.
Hi....I'm very sorry for the long wait :(
Dear gods!! Another update! I'll try to be consistent this break and post pages every other day.

I have been debating whether to start a tumblr account, but I'm not sure if I will be very active. Yay or nay?
December 13th, 2012
Beautiful style! ^__^
Wow this looks very promising! ^__^
December 13th, 2012
I love the way you sketch, the lines look like they were drawn quickly but with so much precision. Both of them look very adorable ^__^
November 18th, 2012
Your style is so beautiful!!
I'm loving it so far...lovely artwork ^__^!
Wow!! This page is stunning!! ^__^ I can't wait to read Part III!
I'm sorry for disappearing again :(
School takes up most of my time and my laptop still doesn't work properly. I should be able to work on plenty of pages during winter break!

For now, please enjoy this speed paint of Apollo! ^__^ And thank you for all the comments and support!! It means so much to me!!
You draw him so beautifully ^__^~
Aww she's not ever coming home is she? Such a beautiful page as always!
Awww chibi Zeus <3!
Thanks for the heads up!!
Aww she looks so sad...The last panel breaks my heart... :(
You update so fast!! ^__^
I really love your comic! Keep up the amazing work ^__^!
Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me. I think it's important to develop all of the characters in a story/manga. I have noticed that artists tend to focus on the males as opposed to females...I am guilty of that too haha! I am really trying to make her stand out and I am so happy that you are fond of Psyche! ^__^

@KermitsGirl: I am so sorry!! I promise upload a bunch of pages to make up for it!! Thank you for sticking by me! ; u ;

@Whiteink: Thank you so much~! Wow, I'm deeply honored to be a source of inspiration! Good luck with your story!! ^__^
Just letting you guys know now that I will not be able to post any more pages for at least a month. I'm going to see my sister in Maryland and will not be able to update at all. I am so sorry!

I promise to keep working on pages and developing the story whenever I have free time so please expect plenty of updates late September/ early October. Again, I am very sorry but please bare with me ;__;
Wow! This looks amazing! Can't wait to see more ^__^!
Wow! He is quite beautiful ^__^ I really adore your style and the way you draw looks so effortless!
This page was kind of rushed and I found it a bit...odd...drawing Eros with a smile! Hahaha! ^__^