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I'm the Saithis, biznitch!
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No, no, he's not supposed to look like Sephiroth. Ignore the matching outfit and giant penile sword.
I'm not sure I know the "fuzz." I think it's the lack of sleep followed by essay writing done today.
Well, it's clear this guy has Charisma up the yin-yang to turn so many hostile creatures into his minions just like that. Now if only he had the wits and wisdom to use it properly. Still, good comic. ;)
To be fair, I'm not sure even he knows what he's doing half the time. ;)
October 24th, 2006
Mr. Flibble, obviously it's greying in areas.
You swear wrong, you damn loopy zebra you.
Jawas with red eyes? What Star Wars have YOU been watching lately?

And I thought it was ace. The joke being that in MMORPG's with PvP enabled, if you're a newbie and you just wander out into the world, you're guaranteed to be jumped by some high level with uber equipment thinking: "GANK TEH NOOB!1!!!1"
I bear with your inactivity for weeks, then you come back bearly before I remove this from my bookmarks, then you make me bear that?
*Le gigglesnort.*
Once more I thank the deities for immunity to pun damage.
Thank the Emperor for immunity to pun damage.
About twice as long as a standard sentence. I don't practice enough.
-/0|_| 6|_|-/'5 5|_|(|< 47 13375|>34|<, (4/-/7 -/0|_| 533 1 4/-/- 73|-| -/-/1/-/?!
-/0|_||2 1337 5|>34|< |=41|5 |21\/1|<!
70 133 (0/-/7|24|2-/:

7|-|15 (0/-/-1( 5|_|(|<'5! 0/-/-|=6 5734/-/- |20><><0|2Z 7|-|3 1316 0/-/3!1111
-/0|-||2 1337 5|>34|< 15 1/-/|=3|210|2 70 /-/-1/-/3! 1 4/-/- 7|-|3 1337 |-|4><><0|2Z!!!

0|-|, 4/-/|) 1 7|-|0|_|67 |21\/1|<'5 -/-/45 9|_|173 345-/ 70 |234|).
SKB: How are you today gentlemen?
SKB: All your 5 are belong to this.
I want his £20! ;D
Well that's what happens when Dr. Fluffykins is your physician. :P