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I'm here to goof off. c: Maybe get a little better at this whole art thing.

Yeah, I won't be posting often.
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October 22nd, 2010
ohay. <3
So I moved into college. And a dorm room, with no roomie (whoo!). I've been sick as fuck the past month and a half. And I worked and swam all summer. I'm so boring. Here's everything in blue sketches.
January 7th, 2010
No, our sheets aren't actually that color.

I asked Han what to draw my next comic about, and he said "CUDDLING". And this is kind of what it morphed into. Even though it's not... really.. cuddling.

I won't be updating much, because I'm a busy bee with school and sports. I'll draw up some new crappy strip every now and then.
December 31st, 2009
It's true. c:
December 30th, 2009
Practicing my expressions and coloring a little. c:

The process I've gone through with everyone's #1 accessory: hair.
December 30th, 2009
Hurrr I'm fabulous.

Still trying to figure out what style I want. B/W, or color, or this sort of messy color. Or a B/W with shading. Dunno.

And I think the font is too small. Once again, I'm learnin. c:
December 29th, 2009
I feel the need to play the Jaws theme song the next time I lurk behind a couch.
December 29th, 2009
Das my baby. <3 c:

I spelled "plenty" wrong. No, I'm not fixing it.
December 29th, 2009
Welcome to my crazy, I suppose.

I like the word ostentatious.