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I'm an artist, I do flash cartoons, drawings, Oekaki, and comics

I also enjoy running around and playing video games with my friends

I hate school, and moodswingers

I mostly do flash work on my series "Video gamerz" which is about 3 kids getting teleported into the virtual world of gaming
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    Scott Falco
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it was a joke XD
She just never really shows off her "Features" till Strikers of course
These comics don't have plots...
They're just random ones I create, my flash cartoons are the ones with plots
I did, but maybe itll show up tommorow
It would appear so...
I know >.>
It's so annoying, not to brag or anything, but the millions of fanmails I get about VG are either "PUT ME IN VG!" or "PUT ANARUTO IN VG!" and then when I tell em to buzz off they go all emo on me...
Thanks guys :P
I don't update as often as others since I am a flash artist and I work on flash most of the time, but When I do update it's quality work ;P

I submitted a comic to the webcomic battle yesterday but it didn't show up, ah well

If you wanna check out the series I got going with these guys goto