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Nice to see this story up and running, and I'm liking the panel designs! I'm looking forward to seeing new pages once you get your computer fixed!
White Wight (pg 06)
Someone's been having a really bad week.
@JC: I'm very sorry for the lack of updates for an entire month, but I've been very busy with college and life in general! But I just posted a new page today and I hope to keep up with the updates again!

Thank you very much for compliments and for reading ARK, I'm doing my best to keep up the work!
It Survived
Shut up and take my hugs.
Took Just About Everything
... my trusty, noble sheep!
Letting It Worsen
A wild sheep appears!
Lost While Searching
We're introduced to the main protagonist of the story and they're already wounded.
Prologue: Animorbus
A two-page spread/chapter opener for Prologue: Animorbus!