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I'm Steff. 8D
I likes ze pokemans and Digimanz. Prolly a lil too much for a 16 year old... >.>;;

So yes, anywhoozle. Hoping to make some sort of comic in the future... When I'm not overly buried in school work :'3

Uhm, yeah. Talk to me. I'm a friendly dishwasher, I swear. All my screennames are over to the right ->

...Have a SUPER day! [insert awesome face here]
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December 31st, 2009
This made me giggle o 3o
Especially Monday's face in the second panel. I dunno why, it just looks silly x3

Funny how Clover suddenly became all.. nakey.. >.>;; How'd that happen, hmmm?

Cant wait to see moar OwO
This just made my day~ <3
In my opinion, every old guy laying in the middle of the road because of coffee deprivation (is that a word? o.o;), deserves to be stepped on. Especially that particular old guy. ;D
+5 points for possibly breaking his nose, Atty!
Can't wait to see more of your beautiful artz.