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I'm a computer programmer and artist at heart. I love writing, drawing, playing music. Just as much as I like playing video games and programming.
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Wasn't expecting...
to like this so much! I can't believe it's taken me this long to actually check out your comic! I guess the title never really drew me in (I... still don,t really understand it, tbh) and this isn't my usual genre at all, but I actually read it all over the weekend before last (delay in commenting about it because I take time to process? No? Not a good excuse? Okay, I'm a little lazy, too) and woah! Your art skills impress me, and you have really good composition. And that forest turned out really well! Kinda creepeh :) But is it bad that I kinda don't want her to actually fall for Zoshi? Hehe. Looking forward to more!
Irresistibl Envy
To draw Mevla fanart! She's one kickass mom, indeed! =D
Sooo pretty. I love how colorful it is! And Jazu is such a likeable character <3 Love the atmosphere, too. You guys did a wonderful job! ^^
Haha, maybe she just showers? Plus, it's not because someone hates something they don't do it xD
Missingno... don,t they sound kind of similar? It would explain a few things xP

Gotta love the way George holds herself in that first panel. She's the pinnacle of uncomfortable! lol
After about a year
I came back! With a comic! One of the joke may be a bit of a doozy for non-hockey fans, but that's not all there is to this strip.

Kudos if you find the hidden easter egg in this one! :)

Also, this has been drawn over the course of like, a whole year. So yeah, my drawing's shifted a bit over the panels, lol.
The layer mask is highly visible around the edges of the panels where I tried to get it to fade into each other lol

And Tom's traveling up the living room and into the hallway comes across Bill. They're basically 2 sides of the same room
Back into it, sorta.
It's been forever and I'm not even going to promise another update soon. I seem to be finding new things to do every day, while my free time significantly lessens.

That being said, there are a few experiments there. Mainly hair shading that I keep playing with and I think I'm getting somewhere. Trying to get a face style set that I can draw without too much frustration but that doesn't look too... what, childish? I'm still leaning towards the electric plug eye lines being the best, though. Any thoughts?

I definitely will need to redraw those backgrounds eventually, considering the drawing quality (in both actual pixel-quality and erm, hand stability?) has improved heaps and these look kinda crappy now. And uh, yes, I tried to get something done with the layout masks. Sorta failed, but heck, I'm still learning so... enjoy! (Song is Rawkfist, by Thousand Foot Krutch)
Happy Halloween!
I do realize I need to stop making Sparky be my joke and punchline, but in this case, it was just way too tempting. By the way! You can follow Billie and Tom on twitter now ( and I usually shoot in a bit of friendly banter in-between strips, so it's a way to get just a little more than the comic, even if just a little (and it encourages me to see some people are still following!)

Now, I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year, and since last year doing the strip at the same time almost made me miss the mark, I'm just going to focus on NaNo first and there will most likely be no KK during the month. However, I AM working on a tutorial on how I make the comic, so, I might put it out before the end of the month. :)
Don't forget page 2!

Go on twitter and help us make this trend! For those of you who would be in the dark, this is a movement of ample magnitude destined to have Allison Scagliotti (Claudia Donovan ~ Warehouse 13) be cast as Cassie Hack for the upcoming Hack/Slash movie.

It doesn't matter if you know very little about either the actress or the comic. Just know that this is our war cry to restore the public's power in choosing who we want in the movies based off of stuff we love.

For more info visit

And btw, next comic will be for Halloween! Thinking of a young Bill strip since it should be appropriately themed regardless of the time frame ;3
Back in business
Or well, I hope I am. I noticed i've improved quite a bit again, which makes me happy. I've gotten good enough with the tablet to skip the paper drawing entirely, which makes me uber happy.

Hiatus should be over. I didn't build a backlog, but I have a deadline for the 21st of Sept for my next strip sooo :) It'll be an #AllisonScag4Cassie special edition!

Thanks for sticking with me!
Yeah, Tom's hair is a b**** to draw for me, so I was trying to tame it down, but then, "surprise" so uh, it'll definitely be back to "normal" in the following strip, which I'm working on, but at very slow pace - life's crazy hectic these days...

@streakxdark: Thanks! I happen to draw quite a bit in-between strips - lots of sketching and each strip is a month - so that's probably where the 'improvement' comes from. I actually have an outlin of at least 100 different strips with the overall story progressing through them - the significance of the title & summary will become clearer soon. Or I hope xD Need to find time to work on it...
I bought a tablet and received it during the month, so this comic has been partially done with it :3 I'm pretty pleased with the results, but I hafta say, my coloring method is quite time consuming.

Was nearly late because work and life kept me busy/sick, so uh, yea, I didn't wanna let you guys down. Enjoy and let me know if you like it!

And just as a side note, if anyone is interested, I might find myself hanging out at Connecti-con this coming July. I'll be there as a visitor but I'd be happy to meet new faces and spread the KK love ^^
A day early ;)
Well, to be honest, this could've taken me only a week to draw. But I've been crazy busy the past month and it's going to continue for the next, so I can't even build a backlog to try and speed up the updates :S

On another note though, I've ordered myself a Wacom INTUOS4 so I'll definitely play around with it and might start skipping the whole hand drawing process of KK ^^ That would make me go way faster for sur ;)
I was planning to post this one on the 14th because it was Valentine's day and all, and then i got pretty busy being and love and all and I forgot about it XD Give your thanks to my friend Tally for getting this one out before tonight :P

I'm getting quicker at drawing and coloring, which is somewhat a good thing. But the more i draw, the more I realize my knowledge of the human body is lacking. So I guess this is what I'll focus on. One more strip in Bill's house and it'll be a new day! ^^ Thanks for sticking around people!
Thanks :3
@dirty dan : I see you've been leaving comments on most of my (very few) pages :)

I forgot the file at home, usually I update on the 15th of each month.

I'm still experimenting with the characters a little (and learning to draw the human body properly as much as possible), and planning a bit of a different look for the next coming strips - just wanting to keep 'em relatively the same for now since I care a little about continuity =P

'Grats on spotting something that'll be revealed later on on the first few panels, btw >_>
First real-time posting
I'M hoping to make them more frequent in the near future, but this is more like a hobby for me right now so, well, if you like it, encourage me, leave a comment, rate it, and who knows, maybe i'll pick up the pace at some point ;)