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Well, here's not so much to say...
I'm from..Europe XD, i enjoy drawing(duhh >>) and writing (and I **** at both XD), I, that's sure something new) and okay, I'm an otaku @_@.

I like..okay, lots of animes, so I won't tell any XD, I like reading manga too (soooo random description) and I don't know..

Duuude! I sound so little and innocent XD
So, just joking, ignore the first two paragraphs XD
I'm a yaoi tard so bewaaaare~ Imma eat ya .0.!!
I know I have many problems at drawing ANYTHING, but I really want to smash your little smart brains X3

Aaand~ see ya soon..I'm still working at my first comic, I'm afraid that if I'll start posting it right away I won't be able to finish it >__>"...idiot child.

& I'm not French or Spanish, so talk in english XD(I'm Romanian XD) ~ !!
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haha i hope that's the bedroom he was pushed into XD poor, wet, almost naked shuno.. =w=
glad he noticed the jeans, now he has a subject more for teasing. XD
oh..and i was wondering..doesn't karol have kaito's eyes? just asking o3o
September 10th, 2011
this is so, no, this is too fluffy not to be followed by something horrid and sad...
aaa, screw that, more fluff, please XD
uuuh, nice hair alfred's got there c:
i want to do it in pc, i just can't get the energy for that XD
w'ever, the next page will be, hopefully, less sketchy =D
so sorryyyy
yea, ik, took "a little" too much again.
and it's sooo sketchy and rsuhed now ._. sorry, guys
i have 2 more pages ready to colour, hope i'll finish them soon enough

wawawawawaaaa, i started doing the character page but i got lazy =w=
everything was so beautiful and cuute ;___;
i dunno how it can be, but i'm happyyyyy and the ending was adorableee :3
sequel? XD i didn't dream for that XDDDD
December 12th, 2010
sorry for the delay, no internet this last week >__>
and the next pages will be a little late too, last 2 exams to take until summer XD
one round of applause for the land panel, people! XD
bwahaha, ariel has such a cool-rape face there XD gotta luv the panels 4 & 5 XD
that's beautiful ~

oh and haru looks like a strawberry cake in the second panel, no doubt he couldn't resist it XD
*does the update dance*

he can tell, believe me, even if the names sound all the same XD
tried not to forget to update
2 more pages on sketch, gotta colour ._.
i can't wait 'til i have all the markers i need to colour these =3=
i had a sudden idea to end it there, but dun worry, they'll come back..eventually..
did it again, can't draw weekly..........

and the quality is poor, since the lineart was done 2 months ago and then i forgot about it XD
oh, my, that's one sexy minion for you owo
poor masao XD
his hair almost looks as a greek statue's XD 1 step ahead to being god, ariel, don't cry XD

scuttle looks like a creep right there XD
b-awwww >w<
and chibi haru is adorable ~
that is one hell of a sexy cat XD
oh hoh, poor thiiing!
kyah, the last panel is soooo cuute. shira-chaaan owo
gah, curious curious >w<