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Well, I love anime and manga alike. I absolutely LOVE yaoi, can't live without it. I love to draw, read and write. If you want to know more about me just ask :)
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Hi guys, I'll be uploading the first page of chapter 1 later tonight!! Hopefully page 2 will be ready this week as well!! =D
Just a disclaimer.
It Begins!!
Hello everyone and welcome to my first attempt at a comic! Hope you like it...
Exactly!! Retreat! XD
When I saw you finally updated I was like omg yay.. but then I saw the dreaded "Bad Image Source". So I'm just letting you know :3
~le gasp~
Oh no he didn't!!!! :O That son of bitch!
Nervous Ross is a suspicious Ross >.>

And no need to apologize, we understand =]*waits patiently for next Wednesday to come*
Yay finally =D
Hmmm... she wants the D...
What he wants...
... we all know what he wants and we can't wait til he gets it!!! *kukuku*
Love the page!!! o.O and I must be a pervert cuz that fruit juice.......
Loving it!
I'm loving this comic!! I love the artwork!! Love the plot!! Can't wait for more!! ^__^
Nookie o.O
LOL!! Nooky omg... I love it XD
Lol I heard Headlines (Drake) in my head when I saw the 7th panel XD
@MagicalWafflez: Yams aren't sweet potatoes. They are not even sweet.
Hot damn!
Yay update!! But omg I need more!!!!!!!!
Teahouse FTW!!!

omg these censors are so hilarious! "Slide In" "Thrust" "Suck" "Creak" and my favourite "Stab"!!! XD
lmao!! work those sparkles