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Ahcri Slate
I like my endings with a twist
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His mustache gets bigger every second
The thing is, it doesn't really matter because nothing was real and they're just drawings.
Are you disillusioned?
Well, that's the end of it. I hope you enjoyed.
Plz rate & comment. Thanks for reading!
Well there were angel eggs hatching under his skin, so half of his face exploded.
By 'giving a hand' he meant applause xD
No it's actually pretty funny
He's going to take a normal kid and transform him like he did to the others.
He did, but he's acting tough in front of his circus buddies. How manly is that
You're kidding me! That's exactly the song that inspired this comic O: Awesome.
This is where it gets messed up.
I guess it's easier to say it when you're wearing a mask.
ooh what did you have in mind?
Oh yeah definitely not a slut XD
Oh yeah he's kinda like a human version of cerpin
No it's okay, I like getting constructive criticism.
Haha the mystery is an important part of it! Thank you (: The black haired boy does have a name but it hasn't been mentioned.
I didn't say I wouldn't change it.
Oh I know who you are! =D Thanks!
What's with the ghost kid?
Nooo this comic was great! I really enjoyed every page of it.