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I like yaoi... and yaoi.... and more yaoi.... yeah.
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Your art is amazing and very direct. I like it a lot.

I wonder what Epsilon means by "Oh, that's him", as though he was Neo or something~
I love this page! :D

But I'm pretty sure that there are boobs in this picture... D: (When Pika is leaning over in the last panel, the wrinkle looks like a boob curve.)
This is sadly hilarious. I love it! Can;t wait for your next update. ^w^
Woah, who's the new chara? I'm excited to find out~
Beautiful drawing skills! 0//w//0.

Please keep updating, i love the characters and how they interact. ^^
The scan's kind of low qual, but I like Epsilon's attitude. I'm eager to see where this will go! ^^