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Hi, I enjoy drawing, I've had this idea of a comic for years. So far I'm terrible at html so my web page is nothing special, though eventually I'd like to build onto it. Yeah, I'm a highschool student, but mozart was only 4 when he started writing music right? I love comments, postitive or negative (keep the negative ones polite please). Anyways, I hope you like my comic :3 it will be fun to get to know you other aspiring (and suceeding) comic artists!
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    Emma Higby
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D'awwww :3. I hope against hope that rat get's a hug too once he re-enters earth's atmosphere. I have an inkling that rat's growing use as a punching bag (with out even concern or a thank you) will cause him to seek revenge on Atticus.
I can relate to this image and your sentiments on so many levels. I know it's not just a matter of "getting better" but I hope that you have some happy things to comfort you right now.
I feel like. . .this might not be over yet? don't gym leaders usually have more than one pokemon?
Why do I have a feeling that pikachu is going to start plotting its revenge?
So beautiful- I'm still floating on a cloud of feels over MTRC. It's kinda wierd that it's over because I checked everyday for updates.
By the time it's a charmander they should know metal claw. . .
@someone: Well, . . yeah she is kinda' a jerk and a brat to boot who sicks her friend on people the moment things don't go her way but. . . she could be a lot worse. I threw that in for balance's sake because some could interpret her behavior as endearingly child-like, annoying, but child like. I can see the likeability of her even if tiny as one of those adorable but mean antagonists. I personally despise her and the particular behavior she portrays
Oh my glob your taste in books is impeccable ;_;
Oh my glob the rain cometh. . so many feels right now-;_; beautifully done as always!
I know she's not a bad person but I'd loove to see her get her comeuppance for stealing Atticus's Jumper!
I don't think people tell you enough that you're bloody brilliant for how well you execute expressions and gestures.
god the feels!!!! ;_;
Oh man, if that scene is what I think it is: nooooo!!! ;_;
@kangel: Well. . . the "blue period" thing was introduced by him. I do appreciate the gag though.
You realize Pablo Picasso's blue period was in the 1900's right?
thank goodness ;_;
Poor Will. . . Mrs. Stoat ya' done goofed.
wow. . .way to rub salt on the wound Mrs. Stoat.