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Shadow Addie
Hey all who care, :) I'm "Shadow" that's just my stage name actually, you all know how it is these days. Anyhoo, I don't have "official" art experience so if my drawings suck then you have your reason. I really am a fan of Mario and Nintendo and I always like to put my own spin on popular TV series and such but then I have many ideas of my own. Hope you like my comics and please enjoy!
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I have to agree
The char char follow you think is kinda creepy...
Definitely not the same.
love last panel!!!!!
Wooo Jesse's left-handed!!!! Oh yeah!
Love the last panel
lol I love the last panel!!!!
A what now?
First you like poof.
Then you like repoofed over there!
Whaaaa!? YOu poor poor child!
Those are some pretty cool Ashura sprites. :)
No problem. :) (secret: I like sketchy things almost better than coloring/finished things. Don't tell anyone)
Oh parrish have you seen me and MDG?
I like the sketches... they came out nice and they look sketchy. ^^()
Twi look anggggry! D:
There might be no bacon but if there isn't any garlic bread someone's gonna get hurt.
Draw! Nicely done! :D
Hey out of curiosity...are we allowed to post drawn pictures? ^^()
ha ha i still don't have my license or my own car so I don't have to worry about gas... but it is an issue... *groan* and cars in general are getting more expensive too...
butter up before the bad news. Works every time. :3