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Thanks for letting me know, this site can be a bit wonky sometimes. I think I fixed the problem though.
And thanks for the compliment, it's much appreciated!
@David Paul: Not sure what you mean....
@Murielle: Now that you mention it, he is a bit Gonzo-ish.
If this ever gets popular enough for some company to put out plush figures, I think Choop would be adorable.
I made this one about a year ago.
Timing could not be much worse.
R.I.P Robin. You were an amazing human being.
@turbotoilet: An ancient god made up by HP Lovecraft and (possibly) the legal property of his estate....
I don't think so....
Thank you!
To be in a category with Calvin and Hobbes is high praise indeed!
Thank you!
They have em when they need em...
Mike Carey
That'll win her over!
Mike Carey
Confession: Whenever I draw a little girl, they're usually going to be wearing big glasses. To make a little girl face, you need to do big, innocent eyes so she doesn't look like an adult. (And whenever I try and do those big, innocent eyes, they never come out right)
Hey! He's a zombie! He wants to eat everybody! lol
Thanks! :)
Lord Enigma
Thank you very much. :)
I got better....

Me too.
Controlled directional flatulence...
I have no idea what you're talking about...

(You're not a lawyer from Marvel comics are you?)
Thank you
That would be nice....
Thank you!
Had to throw in the Doctor