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Where do I start? :/
I'm Nikki, also known as Nickernack on my first accounts I have previously made before that are more then likely have been changed or deleted. I draw comics but I am quiet fickel with them lol! my styles have a tendancy to change drastically xD.

I'm into Shounen-ai, Shojo-ai, and yaoi I'm into all forms of love so my comics have quite a bit of variety in them. I read a lot of comics that have fantasy and science fiction in them and of coarse a lot of romance. However, you will rarely see me draw something that is over teen unless it is violence because I'm a bit of an old fashion person in that sense.

I believe in tastful flavorful things a little bit is ok but too much bother's me unless there's a reason for it (if you catch my meaning...) It depends on my mood... so I am a little old fashioned but not too much either.

If you are interested in my works here is a link to my deviantart and Elfwood:


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I absolutely love your art style!!!
This story is really interesting so far! really liking it!
I guess even gods need company poor Moira :(
Lejos is such an asshole! >.<
such an amazing series! I love this! Happy 5 years hopefully many more to come!
I've just started reading this series and I am totally in love! <3 I hope Kane gets Castalia to snap out of it and come back to their family. </3
OMG I've been looking for this comic for so long and have finally found it again! I was scared that you may have gotten done with sj.
Congrats! Idc what people say about marriage it is seriously awesome! (I got married last month) But make sure you make plenty of time to plan your wedding I barely got mine together in time do to finances changing. I can't imagine how excited you must be! I wish you two the best of luck! <3
^W^ So Cute!
I think Da Xia has become my favorite female character in this series. She reminds me of a bit of a calmer Tommy though. I can't wait to see how her relationship with Kei works out as well as seeing more of her story and back ground. :)
I have a strong need to hug Shiro.
I soooo ship them!
This is my fan theory or maybe just wishful thinking! I'm thinking that Gwynn is definitly a ghost and that in life he was waiting for Baine to get into some sort of contact with him but when he died he still continued to wait for Baine. I think that now Baine has finally come back after so many years Gwyyn never wants him to leave him or knows that he cannot fully have him as a spirit so he may want to claim Baine's life so they can be together. (Hence why the blanket tried to choke him if that WAS theoretically Gwyyn.)

Anyway! I kinda hope that Baine and Shiro get together! I love the hate between them enough to ship them as a love hate relationship! XD
OH BTWS I'm a Janitor at a middle school so I can tell you first hand that girls miss the toilet to!... somehow... it's kinda disturbing how it works...
Lol that sounds like a very similar conversation I had with my fiancee only about dogs... and it was more along the lines that I wanted our second dog to be female over male because we already have a boy. Do you live in my closet somewhere madam? Because if you do I would like to know so I can vacation in California through my closet like Narnia! ((I live in Maine and the snow sucks btws...))
O.o I too fear for this child... and GO DAKE AND TOMMY FOR STEPPING UP THEIR DADDY GAME! Its very alarming that she doesn't know at least the basics of what she shouldn't do.
Poor Tommy.
February 17th, 2014
She was knows anger it seems! She was pretty mad at her daddy when she left.
Oh Tommy! if you had told Dake when it happened this fight may have never been this bad. Poor Samsol lol! I think he definitely got the short end of the stick on this one. :3
I love you so much Tommy!! <3
*hugs* Poor Dake though I bet he really has no idea how to really feel about this situation other then a little heart break... </3