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Oh my.. they have ears and noses!! =D
Eheheh.. the flowers on the pants... *le giggle-snort*

Whoa.. if they actually HAD genders, that would be disturbing.
'Bear' is an awesome word! XD
*Waits patiently*
Ego Slayer
September 29th, 2006
You mean 1337v!113? :P
Ego Slayer
September 28th, 2006
Wow, if this is what Newbieville is like I fear what N00bville would be.. XD
CAD doesn't have a plotline... ^_~
I have the right to arm bears! =P
This is PUNishment... Heheh
Ego Slayer
September 17th, 2006
Heheh, good one.
^ I failed my Spot check. I never saw anything at all. XD
Rivik, I hate you with a firey passion. *Finds a l337bane dagger*
He just went from annoying to normal. XD
Holy Nine Hells... I'm not even going to try. =O
Spectacular job there Rivik. It hurt my eyes to read that. ^_^
d00d +h4+5 |_1x3 +0++4|_|_Y 4\/\/50M3!

That is freakin' hilarious! =D

*Steals Boo's dead body and makes it undead* Mwaaaahaha! Bow my lovely minion! Now, I demand more updates!

V 20 pounds of what? Dirt? Sand? Severed Heads? Small childen? Gold? Catnip?!
Hot Damn(TM)! I contributed to Half-Wit! 0_0 I feel so cool! *stabs her ego*... Alright, back to normal. Woohoo! ^_^
How about windmill powered?! ^_^