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Please call me Chris

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Is that a ghost ability?
Or is it more Aura related?
Don't touch that big gem in the far end of the gave!
Unless you're stinky :3
@Hakked: Will-O-Wisp*

@Ryoko Son: I believe so by the looks of those light blue orbs of light
Wait, that what supposed to be a secret?
...Oh CRA- *Shadow Ball'd*
Gengar seems a little touchy about the badge
Poor that girl, that must've been pretty scary, to suddenly fly through someone when you expect to hit them
I'd like to see how that looks like
It's funny how people think Jen kicked Gengar in the crotch when she obviously kicked him in the gut
This red belt martial artist is glad ^^

Hmm... Dollyo or Yeop, hard to tell
Either way it seemed to hurt
But that wasn't what you were supposed to do, Jen
Well this is going to be interesting
*munches on some popcorn* Anyone want some?
This is going to be interesting
"It's 100% genuine Beefcaek!"
'Beefcaek', 'Beefcake'
I see what you did there
For some reason I read her line in panel 6 in a rather seductive voice, because of the way she was looking at him -_-
I hate my mind sometimes...
@SoraIndigo: was looking for such comment, wasn't disappointed XD
Just what is Luna up to?
Some kind of blackmailing or whatever to force him into something?
So, correct me if I'm wrong, the story of this comic takes place some time after the end of PMD2 (Time, Darkness, and Sky)?
November 15th, 2013
If it was a frontal kick he would be facing him, not away like he did in the last page
November 12th, 2013
A side kick is also straight, just to the side instead
I practice Taekwondo myself, that's why I know about some different techniques
November 4th, 2013
It could also have been a side kick, but doubtly
October 15th, 2013
That was a sweet Rear Horse Kick (name of the technique as far as I'm concerned since I don't know what martial art he practiced)