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I'm not that old, but I do like to work on comics and am currently working on one. I love to play soccer, I program(beginner), and I have an okay life for a guy like myself.
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I see that you're going to stick with the Megaman 7/8 fusion Bass that you use in TES. Woo!
Oh god, that's hilarious.
This is a good one. But in the first panel, shouldn't there be the word "is" in the first panel between this and just.
Then again, this is a comic where the laws of physics don't apply to everything, right?
Heh, those two are pathetic. It's two on one, and they still get pretty beaten up, even though they won.
Yeah, Fyre, you should probably let me assist you on this comic. I could help you a lot, and then you won't get many insults/critizism.
Well, I think that the beam probably just disrupted the hologram, and thus possibly overloading it.
Wait, I don't remember this comic on the old site. Then, that means that you've finally got all of your old comics back here! Woo!
I know! But I think that it's pretty funny for what happens when she finds out.
Hmm, correct me if I'm mistaken, but didn't the GUN person look different in the original version?
I still like the next comic, cause it's... Well, I won't say anything since I don't feel like spoiling it to the other people who are just reading this. But I do think that you're going to have some time editing the comics with Maria and the grandfather if you use the new sprites.
Dude, you sure did changed their sprites. But how come you did? The old ones were pretty good. That, and Maria looks pretty weak(as in sick). Personally, I liked it when they were in 32 bit, but this is your comic.
Dude, I read this when it was on comic genesis, and it's hilarious when he has the conversation! But Ryan, I like how you edited the grammar errors and tweaked the comic a bit.