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I love art, check me out on Deviantart!
Oh Pifo, you always know just what to say! xD
So cute! I love this couple! The pair of them have to be, by far, my favorite characters. I am so happy they are finally gunna be together~
September 8th, 2011
She doesn't like Sindri but it really looks like she seems to embrace her situation with him...
Feeling a bit rape-y eh Hades? xD
Love it! Best minecraft comic that I've seen so far!!!
That last face he makes with the drooling x'D
So good~
I love how his flailing arms make people cringe in terror xD
Character development!?! What's that!?!
-dies from the cute-
What time is it??? DANGER TIME!!!!
please do continue this storrryyy! I want to know more about what happens to the pair!
These guys are just so cute! You should color this and put it on DA for all of us to stare at!
Such a cute pair! <3
Gosh I love these two, they are my fave couple and even have the wallpaper featuring them on my desktop! Yus! keep it coming! <3
I just read your comic up to now and I swear i've been laughing every 20 seconds! I love it! Please keep gracing us with your work! <3
Gah! Cliffhangers noooooooooo! D:
I am sooooo excited for sum explainingz!!! -squees and does a twirl-
Oh look- shiratori has come to look for his fabulous shining uke has he? xD