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i hate math but i like draw. end
THIS WAS FUN TO MAKE!! I wish i had a bunch of time to color the whole comic....this would be fun!!
Yaaaaaay, guys, I love how cute this page turned out. Heheheheh. I'm really getting into this. I'm gonna start two jobs this week so I might only update once a week now. Please fav and tell me what you think! :)
Nice! I love this art! Beautiful stuff!
HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!!! who's birthday is it?
Omg, so cute! I love this!
Oh my gosh!!!! Who the heck painted this!!!! So beautiful and professional ! I loooove The colors!
Beautiful!! Love the colors!!
This is cool!!!
Puffy-woo. So cute, whatever you are, ghost thing.
Guys I made it to pg 1.....unbelievable amount of concentration was required.....cuz you know Facebook addicts struggle.

Enjoy, stay tuned
Welcome back, me.
Hi guys,

So I'm starting a new story. It's based on real life events that happened to me the other day. It was crazy so I took lots of pictures and I'll upload them as my story. Here's the first picture.

I'm a busy person, so please be patient with me as I share this story.

Love you <3

Ps, hope you never take me seriously.
November 1st, 2015
I'm back....hopefully!
Hi guys! Its been a few years but I was recently remembering my childhood and realized i stopped submitting pages. I have forgotten how to use the programs I used for these and all that, but I did draw a bunch of stuff back in the day that I just never submitted!

Hopefully I can find some time and upload a bit more! :) Wish me luck!
December 8th, 2011
that's my christmas wish
December 8th, 2011
i wish you would upload soon
September 17th, 2011
So I don't understand why the pages look weird on the Thumbnails....must be some size differences? I dunno..
Did you guys notice anything different on this page?! :D Lol Yay! So I used a tablet!! But Unfortunately, this will most probably not be permanet!! ...Yes, it is MY tablet, lol... But my BROTHER dearest....likes to use it for work... (and is more important that...this...whatever it is...) (Cuz this doesnt pay... :P)
Anywho! Enjoy it while it lasts! (Ill try and do more pages, before I return the tablet! ) :) Cheers!
September 15th, 2011
Yeehaw!!! So..Update! :D
I've just been so busy lately! With school and work, and my other work!! And other extracurricular activities!
And also my scanner broke again.... -.- So I have to use some else's all the time now! Anyways Enjoy!
I'll try to update some next week aswell! :)
hahhah! this is so cute!! xD and funny!
ohhh i love the colors!! its so beautiful!! :D
confused but pleased?
hmm, im so confused by this (Guest)'s comments? (lol) but thanks for commenting! :)

(still don't know if it was the same person just using different names, but either way really appreciate it :P )