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so cool
is like the first time they have decided to have a ultimate battle to see whos the strongest but now they all teaming up to defeat all the ennemies of megaman so awsome
dont tell me that megaman win. if he win. I gonna kill him.
you love your weapons?
AND I HATE THEM damn that megaman,someone eliminate him im tired of his stupid colors of weapon
ok is like how many colorls did megaman have he is chaging red,blue,orange,yellow etc how many of they he have dman im tired of megaman sombody please eliminate him
damn you megaman
i hate megaman he just eliminated shadow the hedgehog its all up to you sonic the hedgehog go get them all of your friends are counting on you.
yay shadow take them down
nobody messes with the ultimate life form shadow the hedgehog
damn it
i have enough of x his he invincible or what he always attck in a row
they forgetiing you beacuse you are the suckesd guy in this battle you dumbass
oh yeah
this should be interesting its a transformation battle
pacman is jealous because sonic and shadow turns in yellow
luigi is an idiot
what the hell
how come mario still have his i mean it was a cheap hammer in the other round well maybe it was the gift from luigi
hey impossible
how come mario can shoot fire in his normal form he is supose to have his fire flower.oh wait i now what it is.CHEATING
yay get him sonic
go go sonic finish him off.and what the hell is megaman doing?
shadow is the best hedgehog in this battle
thats not fair
mario cheated luigi is eliminated he cant put him back to normal its cheating thats not fair
thats not fair
why is sonic keep always hiting in the back i mean he is not the only one you now