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I keep a UK small press comic review blog called Comic Mole Investigates ^_^

I also draw my own comics and hope to have my old webcomic Cute Loveable Mascot Training Academy up and running again soon...
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    Vicki Paull
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Really liking it so far! I'll definitely keep my eye on this one :D
This short comic was originally made for the Manga Jiman competition in 2009. I didn't place but I had loads of fun drawing it!
lol! the hairy food is great XD

my fav bit is the line 'for a start, what is it?' - classic!
oo...makes me wonder what'll happen next ^_^
woah she's braver than me! o.o;
my first anime was probably the original ghost in the shell movie or akira..i didn't really know about anime when i was little, altho i did watch ulysees 31 and wheel warriors, which were both animes re-dubbed into english methinks ^^
lucy's expression is priceless in the last panel XD

layout of the 2nd panel is cool too, i like all the characters in the background and dustin going 'WTF?!' in front of them XD
panel 2 is really great - he does look like mr smooth there XD

watch the head sizes compared to the bodies - the heads are getting a little bit big here, that's all i think ^^
i love the girl dustmite's vacant look XD
loving the panel layouts, and the yellow lips <3
i actually really like the way that the characters' bodies in this page go almost a bit abstract - like the girl's arms getting tiny and disappearing, and afro's massive shoulders and tiny legs! it sort of brings out their characters more ^^
jigsaw looks so cute int he first panel - i'm loving the white lips ^^
i like the complete over-the-top-ness of the afro guy! plus, interesting looking new character in the final panel :D

i like the straighter lines inthe background of the last panel - everything sits quite nicely in perspective there ^^ but perhaps the tube in the first panel (the one going vertically) could have been a little straighter?
fab page! aww, will penelope ever catch a break? XD i like the sparklies in the background ^_^
oo...he remains the mystery man XD

hehe i love her enthusiasm in the first panel, yeah lets go get love! XD

oo is the shadowy figure in panel one a character i wonder? >.> liking the random club decor in panel one too, like the eyeball on the TV ^_^
aww penelope's expression in panel one is amazing! :D and wow book guy is really nice o.o ...i heart him...
i think a fanart of book man or the far-out-mantic guys would be so cool to draw! :D i hope i can find time!
love the page composition! especially panel 3 and the last panel <3
Book man is so cool in panel 2! B-)