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Names Jeremy, I'm gay af
You can call me Jer, Jerbear, Big Papa MG, a weeb, or just Jeremy.

I was active on here about 5 years ago making shitty sonic recolors. Now I just lurk.

I'm mostly active on tumblr now, and by active I mean I shitpost lol
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    Snitches get stitches, bitches (^:
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Maybe I should've kept the "Angels in flight" part of the lyrics for this page
In you and I
There's a new land~
(Angels in flight)
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
December 24th, 2016
Regardless of warnings
The future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before
Just discovered this story and binge read it, study halls are p helpful.
Anyways I can't wait for more
Meditite/Medicham are monkeys

Yeah you tell him

He needs to step up and pay his child support
'Tis but a scratch
Oh right this place is still a thing
Confused as to whether Marloe is just a figment of my imagination on the last few pages... or something else
Come back 'ere and I'll bite your knee-caps off
Now that's my kind of abandoned building
No. Now I'm worse off then I was before
@The_Project: I know the feeling. I've tried more than once to get back in to actually spriting for myself... but i lose interest in the work so quickly DX

It doesn't help that my view of the concept is kind of mixed after learning that spriting deals with copyright issues, despite no one ever really identifying the... more of a so-called "problem," by some.
@Bringer_of_light: Ha, i wasn't the only one

Also the first blurred word looks like it says "sluts." ugh, that term erks me... sounds so degrading and rude.
The design on the treasure thing changed between panels. Coincidence I think not!
Yeah umm... what's with the genderswap?

Or is this part of that wish?
>fall on top of eachother and then have a scooby-doo styled chase scene