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I'm an engineering student based out of Ohio, currently a freshman. I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon, lol. Trying to find a printer to scan my work thus far to Smackjeeves, not much here but I am well in development of a thriller/romance/action/philosophical/political comic, titled; "The War In The Mirror"
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    Ryan Wood
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Interested in buying T-shirt!
Let me know the details, but I do not have a paypal account. I could mail you the money? Or do a mail order... we'll figure something out. :P
Rapidash fled using Run Away!
OHO! SLAMMED! I did not see that coming
(So confused...)
DT... when did you grow some stones bud?
Chino, if you want peace, prepare for war. Oh wait...
DT: "Oh sh*t."
Oh DT.... you sly little monster, you!
Watch... Jake will get hurt, but be a total badass when he gets his revenge. Like Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell Conviction. Or at least I wish :P
Sweetness! Yeah very understandable, I'm in an engineering curriculum and know how busy life can be. Slow and steady does it, and in whatever free time you can find. Well, that's my mentality anyway!
Melany reminds me of a younger Jennifer Anniston... she's still hot, no lie. Forgot how old she was anywayz :P

40-something? Whatever lol.
Death match. Money's on the guy with the not queer hair lol (can't remember his name)
Is it out of pity? Or love? 0.o
Oh, scheisse... this is gonna be bad.
One thing to do... KILL DA BIRDIES :3
That's such an epic win. Gunter approves.
Hood Took Me Under (Mokepon version)
I got anotha sad story to tell,
About how a Dragonthing was born in Hell.
And right there and then there's no hope,
Cuz the 'Mander can't escape the lack of the hope.

And it's Atty that makes it sh*tty,
DT can't survive in the grass and da gritty.

It's not that he wants to but that he has ta,
Don't be afraid cuz Atty might kick ya.
Straight off the muthaf*ckin' tabletop,
Don't me messin with the professa, you asses get taught, foo!

Who gives a f*ck about anotha?
Atty's only got love for his cigs and no otha.
But I'm caught so nobody would wonder,
That Kanto would take me unda.

Ok, totally BS'd that but here's the link to Compton's Most Wanted's actual version, so you can get an idea, lol. Hope you enjoyed it!

(I personally don't like rap but this is older, so it's alright)
I never thought of using the Pokemon themselves as blunt objects! Brilliance!

"Squirtle! Get in your shell NOW! Imma' whip you at 'dis b*tch!"

*Hey, HOlyhandgrenade, I just opened up my webcomic, The War In The Mirror. Part of my comic relief stuff is random bits from other media reference, the news, movies, video games, etc. For my first "Reference Joke" comic, I'd be honored to use your idea for my main character whipping a Squirtle at a poser. I'd cite you as a reference, try to promote your comic? could that work out?*
They both should become atheist and live happily ever! XD